Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project No-Buy: Week 1

Greetings from the Dark Side!
And welcome to Week 1 of my No-Buy!

Week 1 (January 7th-January 13th) is the first week of my Project No-Buy, a project to reduce spending on beauty products and to go through a system of rewards in order to save money in order to buy new products. If you haven't check it out yet, go to my introduction post of this for a detailed account of this project. But let's see how my No-Buy has been so far!

                                                                Week 1's Rewards                                                                   
Let's start by adding up any rewards from this past week. 

1) Weekly goals: 
Week 1 did not have any weekly goals so that is $0 for this week. (+$0)

2) Grades: 
I just started my quarter, and I have not had any assignments yet. (+$0)

3) Reading: 
This week I read: 
-The Catcher In the Rye, 214 pages (+$7)
-Compilations of history of texts in Latin America, 45 pages (+5)
Money earned for Reading: +$12

4)Language Learning:
The words that I picked for this week were words in Spanish that came from my readings that I did not know. The five words are: 
-amerindias (indigenous American/native American 
-aporte (input)
-hazañas (exploit)
-baluarte (citadel/ stronghold) 
-inédito (unpublished). 

I was actually able to learn these really well because they came up on my readings very often! ^_^ 
Money earned from language learning: +$5

I have 1 empty products this week, my Paula's Choice BHA Resist 9. I love this stuff! I actually need to re-purchase this >_> but maybe I'll wait since I have other skin care products to use.
 Money earned from empties: +$1

I managed to have a good start on my No-Buy! I have not purchased anything since I posted my No-Buy! Yay! As I mentioned on my FB, my mother offered to buy the new Shiro Cosmetics Hobbit collection for me as a late Christmas present. At first I thought this might go against my No-Buy, but many of you insisted that if it is a present, then it is okay. :) So no money reduced for breaking my no-buy!


Money in my MAKE-UP BANK: $18

                                                                    Week 2: Weekly Goals                                                        
These two goals are my weekly goals for next week. These two goals must be completed by next Sunday in order for me to earn reward money.

Goal #1: I will post at least one entry on my blog every single day of the week. At least two of those posts must be makeup looks/tutorials. I will have at least one makeup review and one skin care review.

Goal #2: I will go to class everyday and be on time. I will have all my homework and readings done at least the night before my class. I will not get behind on my work.

Join me next Sunday for a Week 2 update :) Also, notice that starting Monday January 14, I have $18 to spend =3 Woo hoo! 
If you are doing a No-Buy, how is yours going? :D


  1. Im still in my no buy I have succed tell now

    I'm actually seeing a way to exchange or sell my miss beauty buys ( shade that doesn't suit me . any tips, as far as I know don't see interest

    1. Hm that's hard to say. You can always have a blog sale to try and sell products that you don't like. Or you can swap products with another blogger~

    2. yeah I really don't blog so Don't know how to fix that If you know somebody I can swap a MAC Pin swoon let me know

  2. What a clever system, I can tell you're a gamer, lol. It's like leveling up (:

    So when you succeed at your new goals what is the dollar amount reward? I may try something like this (at least for eye makeup!! I will never run out considering how much I have currently), even if I stick to my budget it just looks fun to reward yourself for meeting your goals ^_^

    1. Hehe ;P

      Oops, it seems I forgot to put the link to my intro post where I have all the info. But for my goals I decided it was $5 per goal if I completed t 100%.

      It is really fun because you can buy makeup but in a way that you can better yourself as a person. And of course you can do any kind of reward system that suits your lifestyle!

  3. wow you earned quite a bit. So when you earn cash toward products, when are you allowed to use them?

    1. The Monday after the Sunday update. So for me, I can use my $18 starting tomorrow.

  4. I've gone 14 days without buying makeup! Congratulations to you and me:) I'm on a strict cosmetic no buy for the entire year. I am trying to decide if free makeup should be counted. Obviously gifts will be accepted, but I coupon a lot and have opportunities to buy cosmetics absolutely free. Not sure how I want to tackle that one.

    1. Yay! Congrats! :)
      Oh I think if you spend no money on makeup, then couponing should be totally fine!

  5. Nice job Nancy! You're doing awesome :)


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