Monday, October 3, 2011

Butter London 'No More Waity, Katie' Nail Varnish

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a very interesting weekend myself. I was caught up between a lot of homework, hanging out with friends at a bar, and going to see Blink 182 / My Chemical Romance/ Matt and Kim. It was really fun, but today I am feeling like a zombie. But enough of me, let's get right to business.

Butter London nail polishes are extremely well known here in the beauty community. I had never tried one because I felt anxious about the price. But I was lucky enough to find that my local Nordstrom has Buttter London in stock. I tried on a whole bunch of different colors and purchased two of them, one of them being No More Waity, Katie. I thought I was going to love this color because it is purple with silvery/purple glitter. What is not to love about that?

Butter London nail polishes have a great formula, but this definitely did not meet up to the Butter London quality. One coat is rather sheer, two coats is decent, and three coats is completely opaque but it looks goopy and uneven. It dried fairly quickly though, so that was a good thing.But I feel that this could have been better if it was more opaque with less coats.

My Complaints
Although the formula was not the best, that was not the main issue with this polish. I personally though that the finish of the polish was very dull. Even with a good top coat, it would end up looking really dull and just plain unsightly. I know a lot of people love this polish, so I am not sure why mine looked so ugly. I had on 3 coats + top coat and it looks okay in the pictures. But after 2 hours of applying a top coat, it looked dull again. I even tried using different top coats, but the same thing happened.

I wanted to like this, I really did. But I just hate how incredibly dull it look on my nails, and it aged my hand a couple of years. When I first applied the top coat, it looked great. But a couple hours later it looked dull again. At $14 per bottle, I didn't think this was worth it so it was returned from whence it came. If you have been lemming this shade, I would suggest trying it out in store if you can, because I was thoroughly disappointed! But again, that is only my own opinion, and many of you will love this.

Rating: 6/10 (-1 for price; -2 for the formula, -1 for the dull quality of the polish)
Recommend? I recommend this Butter London nail polishes, but I personally do not recommend this color.
Repurchase? Nope. That should be obvious, right? :D

Thanks for reading ^_~


  1. what a pretty color! love butter polishes!

  2. Wow, you have beautiful fingers (is that weird?) lol

    I wish I could not destroy my nails so easily. But even when I get my nails done professionally, ruined within hours.... -__-

  3. insane color!!! love it sooooo much!!!

  4. I agree with your review Nancy. I didn't like it either :/

  5. It's a pretty color... but it could be prettier. It does look a bit dull, whatta shame. :\

  6. Wow. The color looked so good. Too bad it was a fail.


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