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Review: Love Alpha Frozen Jelly Eye Colors

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If you have been following my blog for a while, you might remember a post I did about the Love Alpha Copper Frozen Jelly Eye Color (Ooh what a long name!). If you haven't go check it out  for more information on the packaging of these eye colors :)
KKCenterhk has kindly provided me three more of these "frozen jellies" to review.

#05 Light Blue ($3.48) is a sheer minty, icy blue with LOADS of blue, purple, and pink shimmer. I love the color because it looks like it could really be frozen and cold! It is a very unique color and I have really enjoyed it. Also, this one had the best formula and consistency. It was the easiest to use out of all three.
#07 Orange ($3.48) is a sheered, bright orange with tons of gold and yellow-orange shimmers. I like this one, but I don't see myself using it very often.
#09 Purple ($3.48) is pink toned purple with pink, blue, and purple shimmers. This was shockingly my least favorite. I love purple, but the consistency of this one was the hardest to work with.

Product Review
In general, these jellies are very fun to use. The consistency is a little like hair gel, but it is not sticky at all. They go on sheer for the part, so they perform better over powder eyeshadows. The bad thing about these though is that they can crease if you don't apply them correctly. What I do is to pat them gently in with my finger, and let it dry before I move my lid. If you crease your lid before it dries, the the jelly will also crease. So just make sure you give it a minute or so to dry. Other than that, I have no problems with these. The purple one was the thinnest in formula, so it was harder to apply, but that might just be that I got a bad batch.
Light Blue, Purple, and Orange Frozen Jellies. You can see the size of the jar is decent.
Light Blue~ So petty!
Swatches of Light Blue, Purple, and Orange. I personally love Light Blue the best!

Light Blue ~ (I will be doing a separate post on this look because I liked it a lot :D)

Before applying it:
After applying it:
I only applied it on the center of my lid
Before applying it:
After applying it:


I really love Light Blue! It is a gorgeous color with just amazing shimmer. Orange it also pretty, but I don't think I will use it often. Purple also looks really gorgeous, but it is a slight pain to use so I will use it when I know I have time to actually apply it. These are very affordable, at only $3.48 per jar! These are very interesting to work with as well, since they have such a unique jelly-like texture (which is not sticky).

I am not going to rate these because they all performed a little differently, but I recommend these to people who love to work with unusual products and who love shimmer!Check them out on KKCenterhk~

ALSO, If you want a separate post on any of the other two looks, please leave a comment below :)
Thank you for reading.

*These products were sent for consideration and review purposes. I was not paid to review them. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. The jellies look awesome! I think they'd be pretty fun to play with, and make a great addition to any makeup collection. :D Particularly love the blue one, hehe.

  2. @LauraLeia: I agree! It something that stands out in a makeup collection because you don't see similar items often :D

  3. Wow I love your eye looks! and the jellies look so fun to work with

  4. I've used one in purple & it was quite fun using it!!!

  5. Wow, they really give you that wet lid look!

  6. @ZigggaaZigga: Thank you! They are really fun ;)

    @Rakhshanda: Yes it is fun!

    @Jen W: I do that like aspect as well. I a fan of the wet lid look!

  7. Omg Gold one is extra ordinary pretty

  8. love these looks!

  9. very very nice, i love the light blue too!!!

  10. I agree the blue is the prettiest :)

  11. @Sadee Style: It is right? :D

    @Dilan Dilir: Thank you :)

    @CottonCandyINK: ;) Thanks dear~

    @Dakota Kitty: It is indeed gorgeous!

    @Maryam Maquillage: Mmhm! Blue one is just so pretty!

    @Sofiamichelle: ^_^

  12. Ohh gosh your eye looks are amazing!!! And the Jelly colors are pretty!

  13. These look amazing!I've had a squiz at them on KK before, but never realised how cool they were!

  14. They sure do look nice on you! Thanks for this awesome review!

  15. Fuck, your eyes are flawless! So gorgeous. Seriously, it kills me every time I see an EOTD from you. lol Oh, and those jelly pots are nice too! :P

  16. OMG i love these !!! NEED !!! I hope they deliever in UK !

    xxx Vee

  17. Question: Is it normal that these products smell very bad? I was just wondering that are these what I ordered spoiled or something, because they smell so bad I don't know how can I use these near my face! I tested it on my hand and it smelled so bad I had to wash my hands... I have the Light Blue and the Orange ones, the orange one smells like cat breath and the blue one smells like sort of an alcohol or something weird! Honestly! Thank you for answering if you do.


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