Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Lipstick Compendium: MAC 'Asian Flower' Sheen Supreme

MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks are a range of lipsticks that are supposed to be both moisturizing but also very pigmented. The recent Seasonally Supreme Collection included several new shades of the Sheen Supreme, including Asian Flower.

Asian Flower ($14.50, permanent) is a purple toned pink with multi-colored micro-shimmers. It is not too cool toned or pale, so it is more wearable for many skin tones (unlike many other purple lippies).
I have no exact  dupes for this color but I have one similar shade. The closest is Lime Crime's 'Airborne Unicorn', which is a little more of a cool toned purple, has no shimmers, and is more pigmented. Just for reference I swatched MAC 'Up the Amp' and CoverGirl 'Divine', which are purple toned, but have more red tones than pink. Oddly, Divine looks very red on my arm, but when applied and the lips is is much more pink and thus looks more similar to Asian Flower on the lips.
Asian Flower     /        Airborne Unicorn          /    Up the Amp         /           Divine
-I personally LOVE this color! It is very flattering on my skin tone
-It has a very glossy finish and it moisturizes my lips
-The fine shimmer in this color makes this lipstick a little more unique
-The packaging is very sleek and different from  regular MAC lipstick packaging which makes it easier to distinguish between all my lipsticks
-It lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips, which is pretty god considering it is very moisturizing

-The tube is a little difficult to open. I feel that I really need to tug at the cap in order to remove the cap
-It can settle into lip lines
-It sometimes clings to dry spots
-It was so difficult to photograph! It looks so ugly on my camera! Haha xD

Me wearing Sheen Supreme. I hope you can see @_@
Thank you for reading :D


  1. This is so pretty! I think all four you compared are gorgeous, though. I like how they are purple but not completely in your face.

  2. Oh my god, Nancy this is so pretty!!! You should use this pic to enter the contest on my bloggie :D

  3. That is such a cute shade, I'm not usually a fan of purpley colors, but you really pull it off well. I never think that those colors go with my skin tone tho =c

  4. Love this color! Will eventually buy it since it's permanent. XD

  5. difficult to photograph but looks absolutely beautiful!!! i love pro colors and formulas!!

  6. beautiful colors!

  7. Asian Flower is very suit on you!!
    love your review!!
    By the way I have awards for you:

  8. it's really very pretty! i want airborne unicorn according to swatches, it's awesome

  9. Woww gorgeous shades!!!! Looks fab on you <3

  10. All are pretty shade! Sheen Supreme look so beautiful on you!

  11. i LOVE the asian flower colour as well! its my fave out of the four fo shure! you are so pretty girl!

  12. SOOOO pretty. I think I need this shade in my life!


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