Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly Recap 10/10-10/16

Here are this week's highlights:

Introduction to The Legend of Zelda Series
Intro to my new FOTD series
The Legend of Zelda FOTD: Ganondorf
FOTD based on the main villain, Ganondorf.
EOTD: Starry Night
Eye look inspired by the night sky
YSL Midnight Garden Ombres 5 Lumieres
Review and swatches of the new YSL palette
Jill Stuart Mix Blush in Candy Orange
Review of the ever so popular blush by Jill Stuart!
Estee Lauder 'Metallic Sage' Nail Varnish
Review and swatches of this amazing polish~
MAC 'Fresh Amour' Mattene Lipstick
Review and swatches of one of the new Mattene shades from the Posh Paradise collection.
Skincare Wednesday: LUSH Sweet Lips
Review on LUSH's lip scrub~
Beautylish + The Social Event
Join me on Beautylish and information on Beatylish's event!

Some pictures I took this week:

This is Chewbacca. He is my baby Wookie. He is freaking adorable. Look into his face and tell him "No." Couldn't do it, could you? I don't know why he sticks out his little tongue that way, but it is simply too cute!
This is my brother's dog, Mateo. He was being emo and would not let me take pictures of him T_T  He is very handsome and photogenic when he wants to be though.

Posts I have Enjoyed this Week:
Phyrra's Prophecy of Darkness Look using Fyrinnae.
She looks absolutely stunning and I love her look!!
PopBlush Cherry Lips. She looks so beautiful and I am so envious of her flawless, glowy skin!
DeyiMizu has some great Halloween looks: Snow White and Seductive Vampire
Fruitless Pursuits made me Geek out with a sneek peek of Darth Maul's return.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend :D


  1. awwww the dogs are so cute!!! hope you had a great weekend dear :D

  2. @ShinyPrettyThings: Thanks hun! And I did have a great weekend :D

  3. awww cute dogsssss!!!! XD
    If we live nearby they can play with happi! :D

  4. hullow puppies!! they are super adorable! <3

  5. Hi Nancy, your puppy is soo cute He has the puppy dog eyes Aww O_O :D

  6. wow! i like it so much!!!! ;-)
    thank you for visit my Miriamstella's blog !
    I hope you come back again to see my new post! and if you like the could follow! ;-)
    Miriamstella (from Italy)

  7. Awww, your doggies are too cute! <3


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