Saturday, October 15, 2011

Review: Jill Stuart Mix Blush

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Hii everyone! I hope you are all having a great weekend, a certainly am :) I will be reviewing Jill Stuart's Mix Compact Blush in Candy Orange. This blush was sent to me as a gift from a friend of mine in Japan. I was completely surprised and grateful that she sent me this particular item!

The packaging is VERY luxurious and princess-like. As you can see, the blush compact comes with an attached retractable brush.

Here is just the compact. It is about the size of my palm, and Jill Stuart did not overlook any details! See how intricate and decorated it is?
The brush itelf is incredibly beautiful too! Look at the lace-like details on the case and the small gem. The gem is actually the part that you slide up so that the brush comes out of the case.
 See that the gem is higher up now and that the brush is out?  This brush is actually very good quality, and it works really well with the blush. It is a little small, but It is portable and great to keep with the compact in case you need to touch up your blush during the day.
The brush soft, and it is not scratchy or stiff at all. It is pretty dense, you can apply and blend your blush with this same brush.

Here is the actual blush. It is called a "Mix Blush" because it contains four different colors. You can apply each color separately or mix all four colors together. This comapct contains 1 very light pink, 1 bright pink, a yellow-toned orange, and 1 brighter, deeper orange. All the colors are a little shimmery.

Although the colors look super bright in the pan, they are very sheer. That can be a good and bad thing. I wish they could be a little more pigmented. The good thing is that these look very natural and very nice on the cheeks. The shimmer adds a glow to the face and it really is an effortless blush. You won't have to worry about over applying blush or looking like a clown. And although at first I was disappointed with the lack of pigmentation, I am actually glad it is sheer because I can use this as my natural and effortless blush. You can build up the pigmentation though, so this can work as a brighter colored blush as well.

This swatches very horribly, but here are the swatches either ways:
Light pink from top row     /       bright pink from bottom /         orange from the top/           orange from the bottom
This is a very expensive blush (it costs around $50-$60), but it is a luxury cosmetic item. But, that being said, I ADORE the packaging, and I do really love the blush because it is so effortless. I would recommend this blush to people who like luxury brands and who also like natural looking blushes. Remember, you are paying for the brand, the packaging, the actual blush, and the brush as well.

Rating: 8.5/10 (-5 for price, -.5 for it being hard to find, -.5 lack of pigmentation)
Repurchase? I don't think so. I did purchase another color with my own money, but they look very similar in the pan. I am actually going to GIVEAWAY the second blush soon!

What are your thoughts on expensive luxury cosmetics? Do you like high end brands, and are you willing to pay the money for them?


  1. These Jill Stuart blushes are killing me. They are so pretty! I like he brands (who doesn't?) but there are some products I spend more on like fdtn, powder, skincare. Blushes I do splurge on once in a while and I think my next one will definitely have to be one of these JS blushes!

    Thanks for sharing Nancy! :)

  2. love the packaging! great review! wow $60, pricy

  3. I love Jill Stuart makeup, but they're so expensive! Their packaging is really to die for, haha.
    Definitely looking forward to your giveaway :D

  4. Personally, I will pay for something that I like enough regardless of price point, if I can afford it (which, to me, means that I won't have to save up for it). I mean, it's not like I need more makeup items, right?

    And high end is usually packaged much more nicely--at this point in my makeup collection, I want pieces that I really like to look at. Don't get me wrong, they have to be good quality, too, but if there's a $5 lipstick in a clear plastic tube and a $50 lipstick in a sleek looking tube, if they are the exact same color and quality, I'd go for the $50 one. I know it sounds crazy, but I find I reach for the prettier items I own much more often than the cheap and cheap-looking ones.

    Thanks for the swatches and review--that packaging is serious eye candy!

  5. What a great review Nancy and I saw the original post, omg I'm so jealous that is so sweet of her to send you all those goodies and it JILL STUART!!! Where can I find a friend like her???!! lol Thanks for this post!

  6. I also wanted to add that you nails are cute as well! =)

  7. Wow, the packaging is gorgeous!
    Pretty pricey >_<
    But I'd love to try it someday<3

  8. I absolutely adore the packaging!

  9. cute packaging~
    I love high end brands because they have a great quality but I hate the price :p

  10. Love the packaging of Jill Stuart products <3 Thanks for sharing!!!!

  11. it's sooooo pretty! i super love JS packaging and i really need to get one of their blushes soon! i also love your nails doll! :D

  12. The packaging is adorable, too bad for the pigmentation!

  13. look so pretty!!!but pigmentation :/

  14. I just love that packaging!! So cute.


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