Saturday, May 26, 2012

Comparison Swatches: Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette

 Greetings from the Dark Side!

When I reviewed the Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette, Wendy asked me if I could compare one of the colors, 2am, with the purple from the NARS Eurydice Duo. I am more than happy to comply! But while I am at it, I tried to look for dupes of the Sugarpill colors from my makeup collection. Here are some comparison swatches~

*All swatches are on my bare skin and swtached with my fingers.

Just to recap, here are the four swatches of the Heart Breaker Palette:


Fyrinnae's 'Bitey Tyrannosaur' and Glamour Doll Cosmetics 'Oddity' are the closest colors I have. But you can see they are not exact dupes. Acidberry is brighter and more pigmented. Also both the other two colors are loose shadows.


 Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Lighsaber' and Glamour Doll Cosmetics 'Mingles'.
Lightsaber is almost an exact dupe. It was the color I was thinking would be very close to it. But it is also a loose shadow and it is nice to have one in pan form when I can be bothered to use loose eyeshadows. Mingles is matte and more blue.
I thought 2AM was the least unique color in the palette...but I guess I was really wrong! I have nothing close to it, as you can see. NARS Eurydice is waaay darker. The Fyrinnae colors are not close at all, although I thought they might be similar. 2am is a very grape-y purple with very subtle aqua shimmer. And it seems that out of the four colors in the palette it is the most unique in my collection!


 And here is Mochi compared to Victorian Disco Cosmetics 'Mojo' and Fyrinnae 'Anemone'.
Anemone is actually kind of close, but it is much lighter. Mojo has a much darker base and has more of a green iridescence.
Mochi is a mint-toned aqua/sky blue.

Hope this helps some of you. None of my higher end/drugstore/MAC shadows were close to these so that is why I didn't include them. But if you have a lot of Indie makeup this might help!


  1. So pretty! I love the look of VDC Mojo too. Can't wait to see what looks you come up with Nancy.

  2. love them all, such pretty shades

  3. I love the swatches you do! :) And from the comparisons, i think the Sugarpill palette is really worth the buy! ^^

  4. I think I also saw some comparisons on Phyrra if that helps :)

  5. lol wow... I thought it would look similar to the purple in Eurydice. :P Thanks for the swatches (and the mention ^^;;) Nancy. :D

  6. I'm actually wearing Conjuror as I write this.
    I'd sell my soul for duochromes :D

  7. Thanks for the comparison Nancy!! The Heart Breaker palette is definitely quite unique!

  8. I'm really tempted to buy this palette !! I keep having a look on Sugarpill's website but I really want to start using the makeup I own before I buy new things =)

    xxx Vee


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