Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Haul: Mascara, Forever 21, Victorian Disco Cosmetics

Hey guys! Are you all doing well? I am okay, still trying to hang on as the end of my courses are near. I still have about two-ish weeks before my finals and then I will be FREEEEE!
I did a small bit of hauling recently, but nothing super major. I have been doing good, I think. I haven't purchased much makeup recently. No MAC or Sephora! I should try to keep it up and do even better!

Victorian Disco Cosmetics House Points Collection and more...
I love VDC, and every time a sale comes along I have to pick something up. For one of the VDC sales, I bought the small House Points (Harry Potter) collection as well as some full sizes of colors I already owned. I also purchased the entire Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) collection, but I haven't received that one just yet.
ALSO, before I forget, I bought 1 House Points and 1 Galaxy collection to give away. So I will be doing that giveaway VERY soon~

Prestige Mascaras
Then, the other day I went to Rite Aid to look for a new mascara since I ran out. Although I love collecting makeup, I only ever have one or two mascaras. I hate having a bunch of mascaras because they go bad more quickly than any other type of makeup. My favorite drugstore mascara is Prestige's My Blackest Lashes so that was going to be my purchase. Lucky for me that Rite Aid was having a 50% off all their Prestige cosmetics! Prestige mascara are about $6-7, so I took the chance to get three of them.  The cost of the mascaras were: $3.25, $3.25, and $3.75. A pretty good deal I would say! Expect some reviews for the My Biggest Lashes and My Longest Lashes since I have not used those two mascaras before!

Forever 21 stuff!
Ah, I love F21 hair accessories and jewelry! It is so inexpensive~
I bought some teal flower hair pins~ They are satin flowers and they are really simple and cute. They cost $1.50.

I also purchased these really awesome earrings! They are small triangle studs and one side has a link and cuff attached to it. I got them in gold and silver. They were $2.80 each.

Something else I've hauled but I haven't received yet is something..well, awesome to say the least. SUGARPILL! Yes, finally. I have been wanting to try Sugarpill since I started blogging, but I've never actually made an order. Because of the new palette though, I decided to finally make my first order. I should be getting it soon. SO FREAKING EXITED!!! You don't even know. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve. I can't wait for Santa Claus (aka Mailman) to come with my pretty package!

I'd say I've been a good girl. But I am so tempted to buy the new Lime Crime liquid liners or maybe some Illamasqua stuff...but I don't need it! Must. Resist.
Anyone else buy the new Sugarpill palette? Or anything Sugarpill for that matter? I'd like to know what you think of their products :)


  1. I love your buys! :) I'm curious how the House Points eyeshadows will look like, hehe. :D

    1. :D I will have a review and swatches up soon :)

  2. Great haul! Looking forward to swatches! You should post a pic of how the F21 earrings look like on. ;)

  3. Wished we had a F21 here, I'd love to get my hands on those earrings <3

    1. Aww!I am sure you could maybe find something similar.Or I could try to get some more to giveaway :)

  4. I do like sugarpill but I don't find myself reaching for it much lately because I've been really boring in the eye looks department. I just hauled VD too, and got a 30% off coupon so I'm wondering what to get with it... maybe the sailor moon collection? I already hauled two of the clow blushes and four of the lip glosses, lol. I haven't even touched my beautiful Lime Crime palettes yet and I want those liners, too! I must admit, I just have/want too much makeup for my one face :(

  5. I never knew Forever 21 sold hair accessories like that and I love hair flowers. They add a unique look especially on stage. I love that. I will definitely be checking their accessories out. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. These earings are lovely ! I'm gonna check them out next time I pass F21 !

    xxx Vee


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