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Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics House Points Collection

Hello minions of the Dark Side (yes, you are all my minions, bwahaha)!

I have another eyeshadow review~ This time it is a super geeky small collection based on Harry Potter! HP fans unite!!
Yes, I am a huge Harry Potter fan. When Death Hallows Pt. 2 came out, I did a HP makeup series, which was so much fun. And of course, when the last movie came out, I was a very sad panda because I would not get anymore midnight premiers for a Harry Potter movie. But my inner HP nerd came out once again when I received my order for this collection. I was so giddy!

Price and Availability

You can find these on the Victorian Disco Cosmetics page.
Entire Full Size Set = $15 (or $4.50 for individualscolors)
Entire Mini Size Set = $7.50 (or $2.00 for individual colors)

I purchased the full size set.


The full sized jars come with the House Points sticker. The label is so cute!
LOL. It's Harry Potter and the VDC House Points eyeshadows ;D EPIC picture!


So obviously these are named after the founders of the four Houses. Instead using the last names and the actual names of the Houses, Ashely used the first names. It's a nice twist~


So it is already established that I love Harry Potter, right? And you know how I am. Whenever you have something based on something else I love, I have a tendency to love it regardless of how it works. That being said though, these are awesome eyeshadows. They are all bright and have a great color payoff, even without a primer. They are all shimmery, and Salazar and Rowena are slightly sparkly. I do have a couple of problems with the shades though. Seeing that they are inspired by the Houses, I wish the colors were a little different. I have the biggest problem with Godric. It is a great shade mind you, and it is pigmented and smooth. But when I think of Gryffindor, I think of a brighter more saturated crimson. This color is a little too coppery and it doesn't quite remind me of Gryffindor. I actually like Godric much, much, muuuuch better once applied to the eyes though. It does look fantastic on the lid.
The remaining three shades, Rowena, Salazar and Helga are lovely! I really adore the colors. But again, I feel that they don't accurately portray the House colors. But I am just being a picky nerd.
Besides that like irk, these really do apply smoothly and beautifully. They are so shiny and sparkly. Salazar has the most sparkle, but it is also the sheerest of the bunch. It takes a little more effort to apply than the other shades. Helga applied the best. It is so opaque and the color is wonderful. It is a beautiful tarnished gold!
So yeah, Helga is my favorite of the four, which is odd because Hufflepuff is my least favorite House! Rowena too,  I love Ravenclaw!

Eyeshadows in Action!

This isn't really a look, I just quickly threw on the four colors so you can see how they look on the eyes~ These look very shiny and jewel-toned on the eyes. I actually like Godric much, much, muuuuch better once applied to the eyes.


So I have some tiny nerd problems with the colors, but these just work so fantastically that I can't even be mad. Godric, although I am not a super huge fan of the color, looks really great on the eyes. As does Rowena and Helga. Salazar is beautiful, but it does take more work to get it to show up nicely on the eyes as it is the sheerest. Overall though, these are fantastic, and any Harry Potter could appreciate and love these.

Rating: 8.5/10

I will be posting a giveaway for 1 of the VDC House Points and 1 of the Galaxy collections either tonight or tomorrow morning :) I want you guys to have the chance to try these for yourselves!


  1. Rowena is gorgeous, I was hoping Salazar to be a little more vibrant in colour :o

  2. Oooh love your eye makeup using these! :D I think Rowena is the prettiest out of the 4. I agree with you; every time i think of Gryffindor, a deep crimson red with gold shimmer/sparkles will come to mind, not like the Godric eyeshadow. XD

  3. They're all very pretty but Helga looks especially beeyootiful! :)

  4. The colours are gorgeous, but I agree with you, they don't quite portray the houses as I imagine haha.

  5. aaaah, i love salazar & helga, they're lovely <3

  6. I wonder if you got reformulated ones? I have the old formula and then got some new formula shadows from VD, and the new ones are so much better!

  7. wow these shadows are beautiful!!! love the look that you did even though it wasn't really a "look" hahaha

    i want this, mainly bc i am a huge HP fan hehe

  8. Harry Potter nerd right here too! :P
    I'm loving Rowena, and though not my first choice, I'm totally bias towards Godric haha


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