Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rescue Beauty Lounge 'Smile'

Hello darlings ♥

You might know that I absolutely love Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes, they are a huge guilty pleasure of mine. They are really pricey, but completely worth the money (in my opinion). Recently RBL released a long-awaited collection called Emoting Me. I had been expecting the collection for months, so I put aside some money and I pre-ordered some of the shades. One of the colors I picked up was 'Smile' :D

'Smile' is a bright pink-red creme with fine gold shimmer. The color looks more red in the pictures than it does in person. In person, it even seems to change from a darker pink, to a brighter coral-y pink. The color is absolutely perfect for summer~

The formula is amazing, as usual. I have two coats of 'Smile' with no top coat. It would probably look even better with a top coat, but I am ran out of mine :(  I also noticed that this dries extremely fast, much faster than most RBL. That is a huuuge plus for me!! ^_^ I love when nail polishes dry quickly~

This polish really does make me want to smile! The name just reminds me that no matter what happens, just smile :)


  1. OOH!! I just got this today!! It's such a beautiful color!

  2. really pretty color :)

  3. ahhh so pretty! I've never tried a RBL polish, but I'm anxious to!


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