Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rainbow Polish 'Artoo'

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you ^_^

 In the spirit of Star Wars Day, I applied a Star Wars inspired nail polish~ This is Rainbow Polish's 'Artoo' nail polish. 

Artoo has a transparent base with chunky white and blue glitter, and rainbow colored sparkles. I used two layers on my bare nails, but you can always layer this over another nail polish. My nails look a but yellow in the photos, sorry about that >_<" It looks amazing in person though :D I love it!

I hope all you all had a great Star Wars Day!


  1. Ohh how pretty, very nice nails :) Wear this over a cream or some sort of other base color polish - on bare nails I dont think you're getting enough coverage, unless you like that look haha

    1. I agree. I think this would look better over another nail polish. I didn't think it would be just glitter when I first applied it.

  2. I trough your robot was R2d2,

  3. Wow this is such a cool polish Nancy! I think it would look amazing over a white, but it looks cool on it's own too!

    xo aly

  4. uber cute nails!

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    Danica Stark

  5. i love the starwars polishes! perfect idea posing with your R2D2 and this polish!

  6. Love the polish - it really does match with your R2D2! :D

  7. Love how the polish totally matches its name!

  8. I missed this, what a cool polish!


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