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Review: Victorian Disco Cosmetics Still A Better Love Story Collection

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Greetings from the Dark Side~!

Today I want to share this four eyeshadow collection by Victorian Disco Cosmetics. This collection is a humorous spoof based on Twilight. If you are a Twilight fan, please do not be offended! This is all in good fun! Anyways, here is the review :)

                                                                       Product Information                                                        

  Still A Better Love Story Collection
  Victorian Disco Cosmetics
Full Collection:     $3.80-$18.70
Individual Colors: $1.25-$5.50
 Each eyeshadow comes in an individual jar (or in a small bag if you get the sample sizes). Each jar has a sticker at the top. For this collection, each color has a different sticker that goes with the name of the eyeshadow.
'Angry Italian Vampires': black base with a burgundy sparkly overlay.
'I Should Be On Fire': Hot pink with insane rainbow sparkles
'I'm 100 Years Older Than You, But That's Okay!': dark plum with blue sparkles~
'Bella's Range of Emotion': matte dark brown
All of these except for 'Bella's Range of Emotion' are sparkly and have a smooth texture. 'Bella's Range of Emotion' is matte so it can be a bit hard to blend.
All the colors are really pigmented.  'Bella's Range of Emotion' is pigmented but it requires a little more work to get it to be even.
These are quite easy to apply. Like most loose eyeshadows, it is usually best to pat it on with a flat brush. For the matte brown, it is usually best to blend it very well.
Wear (comfort):
 They wear very well. If you use a primer, they will not crease or smudge.
Wear (time):
 If you wear a primer, they should last all day. Or at least the last on me all day! 
Dupes? Similar products?:
Angry Italian Vampires looks a little like Fyrinnae's 'Mephisto', except it does not have the blue shift.

I personally enjoy this Twilight spoof, the names make me laugh every time I use them. The colors are really pretty too, which is awesome. The colors are pigmented and sparkly~! I also really appreciate that there is a matte eyeshadow in the collection because having contrasting textures is great for creating full looks with just the collection.

My favorite color is definitely 'Angry Italian Vampires'~ It is such an amazing dark eyeshadow and a great alternative to black. It is definitely a must-have! 'I Should Be On Fire' and 'I'm 100 Years Older Than You, But That's Okay!' are both really pigmented and beautiful. However, 'I'm 100 Years Older Than You, But That's Okay!' came out darker on my lid than I was expecting. I think this is because I blended it out and the darker base underneath dominates the beautiful shimmers. I would recommend patting this one on rather than blending it too much. Lastly,'Bella's Range of Emotion' is a bit difficult to work with but it is a nice dark neutral brown, almost a little cool-toned.


                                                                       Product In Action                                                            

For this look, I used 'I Should Be On Fire',  'I'm 100 Years Older Than You, But That's Okay!', and 'Bella's Range of Emotion'.

For this look, I used 'Angry Italian Vampires' on the outer V and lower lash line.


Overall, this is a fantastic mini-collection. It has four beautiful colors that can work together or with other colors. The matte brown and the purple with shimmer require more work, but for the most part all the colors have a very good formula. Honestly though my favorite thing is the humor of the collection. It seems odd, but for me the little things (and seemingly irrelevant things) about an eyeshadow is what makes me like them even more. Every time I use these, they make me chuckle! And if a pretty eyeshadow can make me feel in a good mood, then it is definitely worth having. Of course, if you take offense over this then I would not recommend that you buy this!

Rating: 8.5/10 


  1. I really like the angry italian vampires color, wow.

  2. Oh my god hahahaha I LOVE the names, soooo good!

    And I love both eye looks! :)

  3. Wow, some amazing swatches! I absolutely love the second make-up you did with the angry vamp. :)

  4. That brown one's name :') Wow, made my day.

  5. i love the angry italian vampires color too! laughed out lout at bella's range of emotion and the corresponding color :)

  6. absolutely lovely shades, yet another brand I will end up trying out thanks to your reviews..My favorite definitely Bella's Range of Emotion'.


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