Monday, July 15, 2013

First Impression: Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Eyeshadow Trios

 Greeting Dark Siders! 

If you have not heard the buzz surrounding the new Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze collection, then you probably live under a rock. For me personally, this collection was one of the most exciting releases of this summer. Why? Well, I adore Wet n Wild products, especially their Limited Edition stuff. These trios are also really affordable at $2.99 each! And, if you have not seen the picture below of the 6 new trios, all six trios are full of fun, bright colors! These colors are not very typical of drusgtore eyeshadows which is why I am really excited about them. But, now let's see if these are actually worth the hype!

Can you see my Death Note mouse pad? It is so cute! I got it at Anime Expo!

                                                          Trio Swatches and First Impression                                            
You're 15 Minutes Aren't Up!
This trio has a satin pink, a satin light purple, and a sheer sunny yellow. This was okay, it did not have terrible pigmentation but the colors are not as bright as I thought they would be. The yellow is a bit powdery too but it is probably one of the brightest yellows I have seen for drugstore makeup. The pink and the purple are bit lackluster; they seem very basic and not all that pigmented. I am not a huge fan of this particular trio.

 Hard Being the It Girl
This trio has a very girly satin pink, a bright blue, and a satin nude. I actually really like this trio because the eyeshadows are more pigmented and softer while not being chalky. The cool pink is actually quite nice because it is not very overwhleming on the eyes. The blue is really bright!! I love it! The nude is a great addition to this trio because it balances out the pink and blue. It makes for a better brow bone highlight than the pink, IMO. Either ways, I give this trio a thumbs up!

 I'm Seeing Triples!
This trio has a bright apple green, a bright candy blue, and a muted raspberry color. This trio really reminds me of candy. All three colors kind of look like the color of candy flavors (Sour Apply, Blue Razzberry, and Razzleberry). These are bright and pigmented, but you have to build up the pigmentation a little. These have a rougher texture than the other trios (they are not powdery at all). Overall, it is really good for a $3 drugstore trio!

 To Muse and Carouse
This trio has an interesting combination of a matte nude pinky-peach, a  satin taupe toned brown, and a bright minty aqua.The texture is similar to "Hard Being the It Girl" trio in that all the colors are smooth and pigmented. The aqua is a little chalky, but I think if you had a primer underneath, it won't be too chalky. The nude peach is magnificent! It is a really unique shade that would look awesome on the lid. The brown is not your typical brown either. It has a taupe undertone to it that makes it particularly suited to go with the peach and the aqua. I also give this trio a thumbs up!

Three's A Party
 Is it just me or does this trio scream "trio made for a villain"? It's probably the fact that this has a red and a black eyeshadow together. It is pretty rare to see a drugstore trio with good white and red eyeshadows so this is a total must-have for anyone who wants to get a good white or red without buying Sugarpill. All three colors are nicely pigmented and easy to use. They have a similar texture to "I'm Seeing Triples".

 A Regular at the Factory
 This trio is another that is full of bright colors. This trio has a frosty pale yellow, a deep aqua, and a bright orange. The yellow in this trio actually surprised me. I thought it was going to be a satin like most of the eyeshadows in these trios, but it is actually very frosty. It has a "sour lemon drop" kind of look. I must admit that it is a rather unqiue and interesting color! The blue in this trio is another great blue. Like the blues in the other trios, it is bright and pigmented. This is much deeper than the minty-aqua, but lighter than the blue in "I'm Seeing Triples!". Out of the three colors in the trio, I was most excited about the orange. I have yet to see a good orange eyeshadow from the drugstore, and to my delight this orange is surprisingly good. It is pigmented enough and bright enough to make a statement eye look! Another thumbs up! 

Overall, these are really great! There a few misses, but it is to be expected from $3 trios! If you get a chance to pick these up, you definitely should. These are limited edition, so get them while you can!


  1. I neeeeed all of these but the first one and the red and black in my life!

  2. OMG I'm in love with the first one that you swatched! So pretty~~~ +__+ And the white/red/black palette reminds me of my university because of the colours, haha! :D These palettes look super fun! :)

  3. wow, the shadows are so colorful and bright and beautiful! I want one of these palettes

  4. ooh these look so fun to play with!

  5. OOH I need these! If only they were available to order in the UK :(

    I've heard great things about Wet n Wild eye shadows and these just look stunning.

    Juyey xx

  6. Thanks for swatching these Nancy, great job!

  7. Thanks for swatching these Nancy, great job!

  8. They really knocked it out of the park with some of those blues! Wow. <3

    I kinda feel like I need Three's a Party...haha

  9. What store did you find these at? I can never find anything limited edition from Wet n Wild, I don't really know where to look! :c

  10. i want so to win because in my country we don't have yet this collection!!
    Thanks for the chance

  11. Woow, its aq wonderful colour ^_^ sooo preety

  12. The colour so wonderfull and I love it, please give me ^_^

  13. son preciosa!!! a ver cuando llegan a españa!


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