Friday, July 26, 2013

Top 5: Eye Brushes

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Today I want to share my top 5 favorite eye brushes. These are the brushes that I use all the time and that I have come to absolutely love. Let me preface this by saying that there are so many awesome inexpensive brands out there that you can choose from. I know many of you love Sigma and Sedona Lace, but I have never tried any of their brushes. I am very content with what I use now and, of course, you do not have to use what I do! So Let's get started!!

1. MAC 239 ($25)
Yes, MAC brushes are quite expensive. I normally would not spend this much money on a brush when I can get pretty decent and inexpensive brushes from brands like ELF, SOHO, and Real Techniques. However, I bought this brush ages ago before I knew about any of these other brands (back in the days when I only used to buy MAC). Even though I do not buy much from MAC anymore, I still love this brush. It is by far the best flat shader brush I have ever used (I even bought a second one!). It is amazing for both pressed eyeshadows and loose eyeshadows. If there is only one brush I can recommend from MAC, it would be this one. This is really the only flat shader brush I use anymore; nothing I have compares to it.

2. MAC 266 ($20)
Here is another MAC brush that I really love. This is a thin angled brush that is really awesome for gel liners and for brow products. This applies gel liner and brow products super easily. This is the most recent brush I have added to my collection, but it has already become an essential in my makeup bag. 

3. SOHO Concealer Brush (~$5)
I purchase my SOHO brushes from Walgreens, and they are almost always on sale. I got this brush and the Crease Brush that is #4 for a total of $5! It was such a bargain. Not only that but they are really great brushes. Even though this is a "Concealer Brush" I actually use it for eyeshadow. It is a flat, dense brush which makes is perfect for applying glitters. I tend to use this brush whenever I use my Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy with very glittery or shimmery eyeshadows. That way, I don't mess up any of my expensive brushes with mixing mediums and/or glitter glues. If you tend to use glitter adhesives like that a lot too, then I really recommend you have a brush like this.

4. SOHO Crease Brush (~$8)
This other SOHO brush is a large, fluffy crease brush. This is awesome for softly blending large areas. I really like this for applying my brow highlight color and then blending it into whatever colors I have on my crease. It blends softly so it does not create a blended mess.

5. ELF Contour Brush ($3)
Finally, this $3 ELF brush is my favorite for targeted blending of small areas. The small, dense domed brush is perfect for hardcore blending on the outer V or crease. This will blend any eyeshadows amazingly. The best part is that it is so cheap. I own like 3 of these! I own a MAC 217, but I still prefer this brush for blending.

Honorable Mention...
Sorry that it is super dirty. I use it a lot!
My honorable mention is a brush from the brand Real Techniques. This is the Deluxe Crease brush that comes in the Starter Kit. This is definitely one of my favorite brushes ever. I have it as an honorable mention because I don't use it to apply eyeshadow. I actually use it to apply my undereye concealer after I have applied my eyeshadows. This applies my concealer while making any eyeshadows on my lower lash line look blended and tidied-up. I hope that makes sense...
So basically I do my eye makeup, my lower lash line included. Afterwards, I use this to apply my undereye concealer, up to the very edge of my lower lash line. This will blend the lower lash line eyeshadows to look absolutely seamless. LOVE IT!

What are your favorite eye brushes?


  1. Concuerdo contigo totalmente, ese tipo de brochas es básico para lograr muchos looks ;)

  2. This post is very informative. Especially to ladies like me who know little about make-up and brushes! :)


  3. very cute!! kisses from spain :)

  4. I see those soho brushes in walgreens all the time, but I never was sure if I should purchase them! I'm really interested in checking them out though! I gotta try those real techniques brushes too

    1. I think they are really great for drugstore brushes. If you can find them on sale, even better!

  5. Great post! I'm gradually building my makeup collection and was thinking to invest in some Sigma brushes, but now I'll have a look on all these affordable brands first! :) xx

    The Bedside Dreams

    1. Awesome! Definitely check them out. Sigma seems like a good brand too, although I've never personally tried it.

  6. I use that same brush for undereye concealer as well it works like a dream!

  7. i loooove concealer brushes for eyeshadows! i have one that i use strictly for dark shadows. i love the brush that came with the naked 1 palette, so i went and bought another and the fluffier bigger version of it too!

    1. Woot! Glad I'm not alone on that. I might have to check out other versions of concealer brushes as well :D


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