Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Song of Ice and Fire Series: House Tully

"Family, Duty, Honor."

House Tully is one of the great houses in the Seven Kingdoms and which rules the Riverlands; their seat of power lies in Riverrun. The house sigil is silver trout leaping on a blue and red striped field. Catelyn Stark, a major character in the series, is part of the Tully family, therefore making House Tully an important house in the series.

                                                                        Products Used                                                                  

-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
-Rimmel Soft Kohl Eyeliner #071 'Pure White'
-Lime Crime 'Lunar Sea' Uniliner
-Inglot Gel Liner #79
-Sugarpill 'Love +' and 'Tako' Eyeshadow
-Maybelline Eyestudio 'Blue Blowout' palette (navy eyeshadow)
-Revlon Lash Potion
-Arwin false lashes

Face & Lips
-Lioele Super Gold Snail BB Cream
-MAC 'Eversun' Blush
-Maybelline 'Pop of Cherry' Vivid Lipstick

1. Start off by applying primer to the entire lid. I used the Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper.

2. With a white eyeliner or eyeshadow, outline a wavy pattern on the crease. I used The Rimmel eyepencil in 'Pure White' to outline the shape I wanted.

3. With a red eyeliner or eyeshadow, outline the top part of the white waves. This will separate the red eyeshadow from the white. I used the Inglot #79 Gel Liner. 

4. With a flat shader brush, apply a red eyeshadow above the white waves. I used a mix of Sugarpill 'Love+'  eyeshadow and Mon Ennui 'Red Velvet' eyeshadow.

5. With another flat brush, apply a navy blue on the lid, below the white waves. I used the blue color from the Maybelline 'Blue Blowout' palette. 
6. With the brush you used in step #4, apply a matte white above the red on the brow bone. Try to create gradient effect between the red and white. I used Sugarpill 'Tako' eyeshadow.

7. Apply the white eyliner on the waterline, extending a wing past the corner of the eye. Trace over the wings with Lime Crime's 'Lunar Sea' liquid liner.

8. Use the same navy blue eyeshadow to line the lower lash line and to create two wings past the corner of the eye. 

9. Apply mascara and lashes.

You are DONE~

Now you are ready to represent House Tully! As well as look super patriotic for 4th of July ^_^

*A Song of Ice and Fire is the intellectual property of George R.R. Martin, I am only using his novels as inspiration for my looks.


  1. freaking love this! so fun and creative! you rock.

  2. This is amazing, you're so talented. I love how you used the shapes from the crest.

  3. OMG, it looks awesome for a Halloween party! I can't believe how perfect it came! :D

  4. Wth?! You have some skills... ;)

  5. this is by far the best look and most patriotic I have ever seeing... you have some talent :-)

  6. This is so fun! I have a theme party to go to soon so I may need to try this

  7. Wow, such skill! I really love this look, I would never have thought of doing a scalloped crease! xoxo

  8. Totally fun for a night out!

  9. wow..a worth watching tutorial...

  10. looks really wonderful! I wish I could recreate such looks too but the crease drawing is really hard for me to do

  11. Wow! so nice! so unique! I love it! <3


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