Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Fergie 'Bulletproof Glide' Palette

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                                                                       Product Description                                                         
This is a new palette from the Wet n Wild Fergie line. It has 5 colors in a slim and lightweight compact. It also comes with a dual-sided sponge-tip applicator. 'Bulletproof Glide' leans towards neutral eyeshadow range. It has a satin ivory, a satin khaki brown, a shimmery sheer silver, a shimmery gunmetal grey and a matte black.


                                                                             Product in Action!                                                      


-easy to travel with
-overall great pigmentation
-smooth texture
-it includes both a brow highlight and a crease color that are semi-matte (they still have fine shimmer)
-overall better quality than previous Fergie palettes
 -the five colors in the palette go together very well; I managed to make quite a great look from the palette

-not as pigmented as the Wet n Wild ColorIcon eyeshadows
-if you have a somewhat large makeup collection, you most likely can find something similar to the eyeshadows in this palette
-the colors are not super unique
-the silver shade in this palette is very sheer and barely shows up on my eye lids


If you have a rather large eyeshadow collection, I think you could skip this palette. The colors are nice and they have decent pigmentation, but it is likely that you already have something similar. If you have a normal-person size makeup collection, then this palette could be a great way to add some essentials into your makeup bag. It is always handy to have a nice brow bone highlight, a cool-toned brown for the crease, and a few darker colors to create a classic smokey eye. So although I don't think this is a must-have eye palette, it is definitely still a pretty great product and a great deal!

Rating: 8/10


  1. I agree about the colors not being too unique but I love the look you did with the palette!

  2. Oh how nice! I saw this at CVS yesterday and wanted to pick this one up as well as the purple one. :D

    1. I also got the purple one and I will be using it soon!

  3. Oooo It's pretty! I don't need it but I do love the colors that this palette comes with.

    1. Thats always the problem right? "I don't need it but it looks pretty!" Haha, story of my life xD

  4. It looks like these shadows have swatched beautifully and have great pigmentation. Plus, they're super pretty! The look you put together is divine.

    Nicola Kate Makeup


  5. love the look you created with this palette :) great for fall thats for sure :D

    xoxo, Charlene

  6. The palette is beautiful love the colors and love the look :)


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