Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Tough Girl Textured Nail Polishes

Greetings from the Dark Side~

Wet n Wild's Fall 2013 collection included 6 textured nail polishes. The colors are Femme Trouper, Fatigue Glam, Tough Girl, Beauty is a BattlefieldLeft, Left, Left, Right, Left, and ATTEN Hut (not shown here). For swatches and a review, keep on reading ^_^

Femme Trouper: Light peachy beige with gold shimmer. One coat.

Fatigue Glam: Rose with a brown undertone. One coat.

Tough Girl: Grey-toned green. One coat on all nails, except for two coats on the index fingernail.

Beauty is a Battlefield: Shimmery jewel-toned purple. One coat.

Left, Left, Left, Right, Left: Bright razzleberry blue. One coat.

These polishes are $3.99 for a 0.34 fl. oz. bottle. The brush for the nail polish is quite large, which is actually good for this particular style of polish. Let me explain.  This texture nail polish goes on opaque in one coat, but you have to try and cover the entire nail before the polish starts to dry. This is because applying a second coat to an area that is already dry makes a weird gloopy texture. For example, look at the swatch 'Tough Girl' and notice that the index fingernail looks odd. This is because I used a second coat and made it too thick. So, having a large brush means you can cover the entire nail with just one or two strokes of the brush. 

I was anxious about removing these nail polishes because I thought the texture would make it hard to remove them. But they are actually really easy to remove. The weird thing is that these are very long-lasting on the nails. I didn't experience any chipping and very little tip-wear.

Out of the five shades I have (there is actually a sixth shade called ATTEN Hut!), my favorites are 'Femme Troupe' and 'Left, Left, Left, Right, Left'. 'Femme Troupe' is really pretty and has the smoothest texture. The color and soft shimmer make it look very classy. 'Left, Left, Left, Right, Left' is bright and it reminds me of candy!  


I am personally not a huge fan of the textured nail polish so I am not really crazy about these, but if you are then you should check these out. The texture is a bit thicker than other textured nail polishes I have tried, but you only need one coat to get a nice even coverage on the nail. If you have never tried the textured polishes and want to give one a try, you can never go wrong with the affordable items from Wet n Wild.

Disclosure: Products shown were sent for consideration and review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Fatigue Glam is lovely... Love the swatches Nancy :)

  2. they look cool, but I'm not a fan of textured polish either. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  3. Superb range of color and nyc review :)

  4. Oh the green nail polish is the best one.I love it!

  5. they look great, even if I just can't seem to get into the textured trend

  6. Me encantaron, están hermosos en especial el color gris y como rosa :)

  7. great swatches, i love the textured trend :)

  8. I love the textured finish! thanks for review and swatches!

  9. Femme Trouper is really pretty! :D I haven't tried any of these gritty/sandy polishes yet (I'm so 2000 and late) but I think they're pretty awesome~

  10. I love the Light peachy beige with gold shimmer, it's so delicate!

  11. I love the Bright razzleberry blue!

  12. Awesome collection of Battlefield. Its really pretty looking! Love this collection. Thanks for the great sharing. I will definitely try it soon. :)

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  13. It looks great and I love the texture :)


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