Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Review: Brija Cosmetics 'Rachel' Lip Tint

Greetings from the Dark Side :)

Today I have another indie product to share with you. This is the Brija Cosmetics Lip Tint in the shade 'Rachel'. I don't own many indie lip products so it is extra important for me to share them all the ones I do have!

'Rachel' Lip Tint
Brija Cosmetics
$6.50 exclusively at Brija Cosmetics
The Lip Tint comes in a traditional lip balm tube.
Brija Cosmetics describes this shade as "a bright peachy orange without any synthetic dyes". 'Rachel' definitely has a peachy-orange tone to it, but I don't think it is very bright. To me, it is more of a subdued nude orange.
This has a semi-creamy texture, but it is not too creamy. It is not oily or glossy so it holds up very well on the lips. This has a slightly frosty finish (golden frost overlaying the base color).
For something labeled as a "lip tint" this actually has a really amazing pigmentation. I would say it has the pigmentation of a lip butter or lipstick.
Overall, the application was pretty good. It applies easily without being too creamy and mushy.
Wear (comfort):
 This isn't a lip balm so it is not hydrating. If you do not wear a balm underneath and you just have very dry lips like me, it will be a bit too dry to wear on its own. But if your lips are hydrated, then this will wear super comfortably on the lips.
Wear (time):
 Usual wear is about 3-5 hours. It stays on the lips for a very long time but because it is not a very bright color you might have to touch up occasionally.
Dupes? Similar products?:

a bright peachy orange without any synthetic dyes
a bright peachy orange without any synthetic dyes
bright peachy orange without any synthetic dyes
bright peachy orange without any synthetic dyes
bright peachy orange without any synthetic dyes

Me wearing 'Rachel' Lip Tint on its own.

The Good: 
I really like that this indie lip product comes in an easy-to-use lip balm tube. A lot of indie companies have lip products in jars but I really appreciate having this in a tube. And even though it is in a tube, the lip tint is very creamy and very nicely pigmented. It wears very well and it does not chap my lips. I wouldn't say it is hydrating, but it also doesn't dry them out. This is also a vegan product that does not contain any synthetic dyes so I know people who shop specifically for products like this will be very pleased. And the price is very reasonable, $6.50 for a tube.

The Bad:
This isn't necessarily bad per se, rather more of a personal dislike. Colors like 'Rachel', nude oranges, don't look very good on my skin tone. It is a pretty color but I think it looks a bit odd on me. I love orange tones, but I tend to go for very bright oranges and this isn't very bright to me.

I like the packaging, texture, and formula of the actual Lip Tint, but I don't really like this shade on me. If the color suited me better, I think I would really, really like this. If you love peachy-orange-nude shades and you are looking for a vegan/cruelty-free option, you will most likely love the 'Rachel' Lip Tint!

Disclosure: Product mentioned was a sample sent for consideration and review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. I actually really like this color on you! Looks like a great product! Thanks for the review :)

    1. Thank you! I think it is just a personal preference, not that it doesn't look good but I'm just not comfortable with the color.

  2. I was going to say the same , the shade is a pass, I opened the post thinking you was going to pick a kind of dark berry tint or maybe a red.

    My pic would be a berry red or berry plum or just brown shade, but cant pic a nude shade it wont work on me

    1. Well I did not choose the shade since the product was sent to me. But if I had the choice, I think I might have chosen something red :D

    2. I know it was sent to you , but used to your taste the red would have been perfect.


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