Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: Dreamworld Hermetica 'Pixie Gold' Lip Gloss

Greetings from the Dark Side!

I have another indie product to share with you all! I don't own a lot of indie lip glosses because I tend to gravitate towards indie eyeshadows. Since glosses are rare for me, I want to make sure to share with you all the ones I have tried. This one is from the brand Dreamworld Hermetica and it is called ' Magic Wand Lip Gloss. The shade I this in is 'Pixie Gold'.

The Dreamworld Hermetica 'Pixie Gold' Magic Wand Lip Gloss is described as a "soft white with shimmery gold undertones" that is also "pigmented, long lasting, and easy to apply...glossy, yet not over the top" (Dreamworld Hermetica website). This retails for $12.50.

I agree with most of the description for this lip gloss: it is easy to apply and it is "glossy, yet not over the top". This shade is not really pigmented, but that is because it is a very light, sheer shade. This is definitely more of a "my lips, but better" color, perfect for work or any casual outings. It gives the lips a nice glossy shine and a dose of golden shimmer. It is not super shimmery, and I guess it is better to say it has a golden glow rather than golden shimmer. Although the color doesn't look extraordinary at first, it is just so ethereal and beautiful on the lips! I don't usually go for colors like this but is very flattering on my skin tone and I absolutely love how it looks. It also looks amazing when you have a very bold eye look since it keep the lips nice and neutral while still having enough pizazz to be interesting.

The formula is my favorite thing about the lip gloss. It is a gloss (it has a liquid formula and it is applied with a doe-foot applicator) but it is not sticky or gooey. It is actually more velvety than it is glossy. Because of the texture and formula, it feels very comfortable on the lips. It lasts longer than the average lip gloss and it does not chap my lips like a lot of lip glosses do.

This does not have a very strong scent, and in fact it is "unscented" (no extra scents/fragrances added). I know some people prefer that products have not added fragrances, but the scent it does have  is not very pleasant so I would have preferred that this have an added scent. I am terrible at explaining scents so it is hard for me to describe it. All I can say is that is just does not smell good! The closest description I can think of is a plastic-like scent. At least the smell is not extremely noticeable. But I still really wish this had a vanilla scent!

'Pixie Gold' is a lovely color with an amazing texture/formula. This is in fact one of the few glosses I have tried that does not chap my lips or emphasize dry lips. I do not, however,  like the scent of the gloss and I wish there was an option to buy this with an added scent (like vanilla, rose, citrus, etc.). The price is higher that I normally see with indie products, but if the rest of the Magic Wand Glosses have the same great texture/formula,  then I think the price would be justified.

Disclosure: Product shown was sent for consideration and review. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. I love that it's more of a gold glow than shimmer! This would be perfect for placing on the center of the lip, but you look great with it by itself!
    Thanks for the review

    1. That is so true! I didn't even think of that xD

  2. Cute sparkling!


  3. I NEED something like this in my life, omg! I bought the Essence gold lip topper, and it just.... x_x not gonna use *that* again, lol


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