Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Haul: CVS Essie Nail Polishes

Hello fellow makeup Addicts~

I went to CVS the other day because I have been on a non-stop search for Essie's 'Smooth Sailing' nail polish from the Braziliant collection. And after visiting about 5 different drugstores, I finally found it at my local CVS. And I also picked some other Essie polishes...hehehe. I have been really loving Essie lately! I only used to own one Essie polish and that was 'Demure Vixen'. But I really got into the other Essie colors.

 These are the polishes I bought. As you can see 3 of them were 50% off. Those three are from the French Affair collection and I guess they wanted to sell them quickly.
Sand Tropez/ Coat Azure/ Nice is Nice/ Smooth Sailing

Lapis of Luxery/ Cute As A Button/ Lilacism

Look at the beautiful-ness that is Smooth Sailing!
Out of all of these, I think Smooth Sailing is my favorite, followed by Cute As A Button. If you see Smooth Sailing definitely pick it up! Cute As A Button is a permanent color, so no need to rush for that one.

If you guys want me to swatch any of these, please indicate so in a comment below. My nails are gross right now but I would still swatch these for you guys :)


  1. So lucky! My CVS was only having a 20% sale and even then their collection sucked. :( Gorgeous collection you have there too. I LOVE Essie; I have about 35 of them, but not Smooth Sailing.

  2. 50% off essie??? whaaaaaaaaat?? I'm running to cvs haha... ;))

  3. wow, i neeeed to get to cvs asap! never seen them 50% off!


  4. Essie is one of my favorite too~~~their nail polish is sooo good~~~and i luv their brush applicator~~~

  5. Nice haul lady. You definitely picked out some of the best colors that's for sure. I am loving the Sand Tropez...


  6. I think I'm going to CVS tomorrow now. And yess Smooth sailing is a lovely color!

  7. Woohoo! That's a great sale!

    -Dinah or

  8. Love those colors!

    You got a Stylish Blogger Award :)

  9. OOo! I want to try Cute as a Button!


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