Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review and Swatches: Wet N Wild Cheek Products

As of today I am officially free!! I had my last final this morning and it feels amazing to start my vacation. Unfortunately, I am going back to the shackles of slavery in 13 days when I start summer classes. *sigh*
But enough of my moping. I have three amazing cheek products to review today from Wet N Wild~ I have been so impressed by Wet N Wild products and these cheek products are no exception!


~Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in 345 'Catwalk Pink': four strips of shimmery, subtle color for highlighting or for blush.

~Blushes in 'Pearlescent Pink' and 'Berry Shimmer'

Price and Availability:
Wet N Wild can be found at most drugstores; I bought these products at Rite Aid. I think the blushes were $1.99 and that the Mega Glo was $2.99. I honestly cannot remember, but they are very affordable.

~Amazingly cheap
~Great quality
~Stays on all day
~Buttery smooth
~Not available in many places; sometimes hard to find
~Can't buy online T_T
~Color selection for blushes is not that great
~Not the most attractive packaging

MegaGlo: This is a little sheer, so it didn't swatch well. Bu the colors are gorgeous! And on the cheeks, it is a very subtle color with subtle shimmer [I would say these give more of a sheen than shimmer]. My favorite color strip is the pink one. It is sooo gorgeous as a highlight or a very subtle blush color.
First two colors from the left side

two other colors on the right side.

Blushes: These blushes are EXTREMELY pigmented, specially Berry Shimmer. They are very smooth and apply and blend really easily. They are both shimmery, not matte at all.
Pearlescent Pink is supposed to be very close in color to NARS Orgasm blush, but I don't own Orgasm, so I can't say anything about that. But from what I have seen online, they do look very similar. I think Orgasm has a lot more gold shimmers though.
Berry Shimmer is a lot smoother and far more pigmented than Pearlescent Pink, so if you are very light skinned and/or heavy handed with blush, you might want to stay away from this one.

These are amazing cheek products, specially for the price. You can't beat that price! They stay on all day, and will last you a long time. I wish that Wet N Wild will release some new blush colors, because most  of the blushes are darker. If they released more colors, I would surely buy them!


  1. Congrats on finally being free! Lol. Thanks for the review and swatches huh. =)


  2. Wow! I'm amazed by it! I want to try the MegaGlo products! It should be a nice highlighter!

  3. Congrats on finishing your finals, and boo for summer school but at least it brings you closer...

    Anyway, I love the blushes, especially the first one. They remind me of Cargo's old blushes like Echo Beach, which I've been eying for weeks now on Apothica. Maybe I should check on WnW's instead, maybe they have a dupe...

    Great reviews/swatches/photos!

  4. Shackles of slavery, LOL You poor thing! :p
    These blushes are wonderful! I have the one called Heather Silk and that one came out awhile ago :p

  5. Great review! I've wanted to try them, especially the mega glo! :)

  6. I just bought Pearlescent Pink online last night - I didn't know it was an Orgasm dupe. I already have about 10 of those, lol.

  7. These look awesome! How pretty are the shades in Mega Glo!

  8. would agree on the packaging LOL! x) haven't tried anything from wet & wild maybe it's about time i should. ;)

  9. I saw a chick wearing this on facebook and it looked so good. I think im gonna go buy it.


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