Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Recent Horrible Breakout + How I Comabted Acne

Hey guys!
I want to share with you about my recent breakout, which I have mentioned in a couple of posts, and how I have struggled with it, and eliminated it. I have not had a breakout this horrible in over 2 years, so it was very stressful.

What Caused 'IT'??
Yes, I will call this breakout an IT! Like the Sci-Fi creepy, killer clown. I blame this breakout on a couple of things:
1. It started with the MAC MSF Natural. Dear Mr. MSF Natural, I hate you. Go jump off a cliff straight to hell please. Pretty Please?
2.Stress. I had finals, essays, homework, study sessions, and my room was a forsaken mess. Stress affects my hormones, and I thus gets hormonal breakouts which are impossible to prevent.
3.The weather. My skin reacts to weather and season changes. The weather has been very erratic these couple of weeks so that could have had something to do with it.
4. Milk. Yes, milk. I have been drinking soy milk for the past month or so, and then I drank regular cow milk. Cow Milk has hormones, which can affect your skin.

How Did I Combat IT?
I was like a sneaky ninja, or better yet, Rambo! I went in there like a war soldier and killed all those nasty pimples. No, but really here is what I did:
1.I made sure I was still properly cleansing my skin, and taking care not to use anything super harsh.
2.I used my Noxzema  makeup wipes to remove all my makeup, and then cleansed it with a gentle cleanser.
3.I used my Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask to clean my pores and dry up all the nasty pimples. I left it on for 15 minutes.
4.I used Witch Hazel as a toner. Witch Hazel is supposed to cleanse your pores and dry up pimples.I used this at night only. Smells like piss, but it works.
5.I moisturized my face properly.
6.At night, I applied the Mint Julep Mask as a spot treatment on my pimples.
7. Made sure to change my pillow cases every night, and to wash my blankets more often.

My pimples are either gone or have extremely reduced in size. I think the Mint Julep Mask helped a lot to reduce the size of the acne. Right now, my face is in a healing stage, so it is still not completely healed.

If you are having a very bad breakout, I would advise you to try some of these out. :) Hope this was helpful~


  1. now u are making me wanting to try mint julep mask~~~but i dont think we have it in canada~~~how is the consistency of the mask??? clay/mud-ish???or heavey cream-ish???? im curious


  2. Ahh yes. When I was in HS and had awful teenage acne my doctor recommended I use Witch Hazel too. It definitely works. When I break out, I sometimes add a little witch hazel to my face brushes when washing them also.

  3. interesting~~~i think im gonna check out ebay~~~or i can have the hubby buy it the next time he is in the states~~~what drug store carries it??? walgreen??? cvx???walmart?? target???

  4. i will defintely tell the hubby to buy it for me the next time he is in the states~~~~thx soo much for your help and info~~~~

  5. Thanks for the tips! I am pretty breakout a lot on my forehead recently. I think I need that masque and witch hazel!

  6. i never noticed that you have pimples dear. thank you for sharing this post with us. it's super helpful. =)

  7. Aaah what great tips! I usually don't have breakouts but when I do I pick them and make it worse :(


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