Monday, June 13, 2011

Top Lip Picks for Spring/Summer 2011

Hello everyone!
I was tagged by Suzanne from Don't They Know Who I Am? to do the Lipstick Tag, but I actually already did that tag. So instead, I decided to do my favorite lipstick picks for this season! I hope you enjoy :D
A couple things to keep in mind:  This season has been all about the corals/oranges, so my lip picks reflect that quite a lot. Regardless of trends, I love orange lip products so that is also why I have a lot of oranges in my top picks~

Lip Glosses
Peach Petal/ Lilac Pastel/ Papaya

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 'Peach Petal'
~A light, pinky-peach gloss. Really nice over nude, pink, or coral lipsticks or even on its own. I love this color because it is a subtle way to get a nice peachy color on the lips without going all out on the coral trend. I like this for everyday looks, or for occasions were bright makeup is not appropriate (work,church, job interviews, ect...).
2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 'Lilac Pastel'
~I am super obsessed with anything purple, specially lip and cheek products. It is hard to find nice purple lipglosses, but this is probably my favorite purple lipgloss.  It is a pastel purple, so it is easier to wear than other purple lip products. You can make it more wearable by applying it over a pink lipstick, or enhance a purple lipstick to make it even more purple. This spring, pastel purples has been very big too, so this is an easy way to wear trendy lips.
3. Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss 'Papaya'
~These new Revlon lipglosses are amazing! For drugstore products, they are great quality. 'Papaya' is a bright coral, with a slight red undertone and very fine micro shimmer. It is almost hard to describe this color. I guess I could describe it also as a brighter, orangier papaya color. LOL, that didn't make sense. Anyways...this lipgloss really impressed me! It is so pigmented, it almost feels like a liquid lipstick. If you want to lighten the color of the lipgloss, you can apply a nude lipstick underneath.
Swatches: Peach Petal/ Lilac Pastel/ Papaya

*Papaya looks redder than it actually is. I looks more true to color in the above picture of the container.

'Papaya' over NYX 'Orange Soda'


Ever Hip/ Siren/ Donutella/ Coral/ Airborne Unicorn

1.MAC Cremesheen Lipstick 'Ever Hip'
~A very light, sheer coral. This lipstick is my favorite coral, because it adds a touch of color without being so overwhelming.Unfortunately, this color was limited edition :( It was recently re-promoted so your MAC store might still have it. I use mine very sparingly. If anyone knows a dupe for this, I would be very grateful if you told me!
2.Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 'Siren'
~A very bright orange, with a slight red undertone, but still leans more to the orange side. Love this for a more dramatic look. And this lipsticks looks great under 'Papaya'.
3.Tokidoki Lip Balm Tint 'Donutella'
~A coral-pink lip tint. It is more sheer than the rest, but it is a lip stain so it lasts a lot longer than any lipstick. Great during the summer, when it is really hot and you don't want to wear lipstick.
4. Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick 'Coral'
~A red with a very strong orange undertone, or is it an orange with a very strong red undertone? Well anyways, for this season, I have liked a red lip that leans on the orange side and this is definitely my color. Very pigmented and smooth. A bit expensive for a drugstore product though.
5. Lime Crime Lipstick 'Airborne Unicorn'
~Nice purple-pink lipstick. Goes great with Lilac Pastel or on its own. It doesn't last that long on my lips, but it leaves my lips stained a reddish color, which I actually like. The most perfect and flattering purple lipstick EVER~ Well, maybe besides MAC 'Lavender Whip' which was LE.
Swatches w/ Flash:Ever Hip/ Siren/ Donutella/ Coral/ Airborne Unicorn
Swatches w/ No Flash:Ever Hip/ Siren/ Donutella/ Coral/ Airborne Unicorn
Airborne Unicorn

*I know I had a lot of Revlon products, but they are really good products! They are also much more readily accessible to me than other brands. All these products were purchased with my own money~

What are your favorite Spring/Summer Lip Picks?

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  1. I wish we had Lilac Pastel in Australia! It looks so gorgeous.

  2. Great pics! I really love your lip pictures!


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  3. Oh those are such pretty colors you have. I like the Airborne Unicorn. I'm more of a lipstick person than lip gloss. I like the ones from Rimmel (Lasting Finish). I love anything pink ^.^

  4. those colors are pretty, haha I got a lot of revlon products too, particularly nail polish, but I just love them!

  5. ahhhh so pretty! :) my picks would be from p&j and guerlain hehe. i want to try those revlon lippies cuz they look super pretty on your lips!

  6. I'm honestly amazed at how pigmented and creamy Revlon's lipglosses/lipsticks are. Great swatches and review, as usual.

    I also wanted to stop by to thank you so much for entering and promoting my giveaway. I really do appreciate it.

  7. papaya and siren are making me swoon! for summer, i've been using smashbox limitless stain in guava everyday with varying lipsticks/glosses over it


  8. Such a gorgeous group for summer, I'm loving the look of Papaya! I have been wearing Ever Hip heaps lately, it is so beautiful

  9. the papaya shade is so pretty~~
    i really love liq glosses :D

  10. wow i luv that Lilac lipgloss~~~soooo pretty~~~and i always wanted to try limecrime lipstick, but i hate paying for and i luv that peach petal one too~~~so pretty~~~~~

    and i know they were like almost 50....for toner, that broke me out, i hate that toner with a passion


  11. great colors--I can't even pick a favorite, I love them all!!! although that unicorn is looking good from here :))) oxox


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