Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Review and EOTD: Wet N Wild Trio 'I'm Getting Sunburned'

Hi lovely Readers~
I am seriously on a Wet N Wild kick!! I have a couple of more WnW things to review so I am just going to get started :D

Price and Availability
$2.99 at Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, other drugstores.
Like most WnW products, it is super affordable. 3 colors for $3? Awesome.

Flimsy and a little cheap, but for $3 that isn't a shocker. Although it would be great if the packaging was better.

Texture and Pigmentation:
What can I say? These are freaking amazing. Again, like most of the trios, there are very pigmented and incredibly soft. Sometimes you might get a shadow that is so soft that it actually breaks very easily [It happened with one of my other WnW trios] but this trio had just the right amount of softness. The colors are incredibly pigment in one swipe, and these are seriously better than many of my MAC shadows. I prefer this trio to many of my higher end eyeshadows, and that is really saying something.

Some of these shadows do get fallout, but it is rare to encounter shadows that don't. I don't really mind if they have fallout, it is something that is easily fixed.

Browbone: Light, frosty pink with lavender undertones.I personally would not use this as a browbone color, it would be way too harsh. But I would wear it as a lid color, on the crease, on the lower lash line, and what not.
Crease: A dark, espresso brown with gold shimmer.This is the most pigmented color out of all three. Reminds me a lot of NARS 'Mekong' shadow. I can do a comparison swatch if you guys want. I actually didn't catch the fact that they looked so similar till way after I took these pictures.
Eyelid:A coppery-gold. This was the main reason I got this trio, since I was looking for a good gold color. I really love this. It has a metallic kind of finish, and it looks stunning on the eye. Definitely my favorite of the three.
One swipe only! Isn't it amazing~?
Overall: This is a really great trio. Although I am not a huge fan of the pink color, it is not that bad and the two other colors really make this trio worth getting. For $3, it is a steal! And $3 for the amazing brown and gold color is definitely worth it. If the crease color ends up being a dupe for NARS 'Mekong', it will be $23 for one eyeshadow versus $3 for 3 eyeshadows. Hmm...

EOTD: My eyes got Sunburned!!

I am wearing:
~UD Primer Potion
~Gold color on my lids
~Pink color on the inner corners
~The brown on the lower lash line
~L'oreal Lineur Intense liner
~KKCenterhk lashes
~GC Lash Blast Fusion

And what the hell is up with my eyebrows??? I am trying to grow them out so I can wax them, but ughh I think I need to pluck them tonight. They are driving me insane! Grrrrr!

Isn't the gold color amazing?~

 Why do I have a picture of half of my eye??

Hope you enjoy this look~ I reeeeally recommend these! If you don't want to spend tons of money on eyeshadows that are still good quality, then check these out!! I will probably buy more ;P


  1. these are wonderful! I thought initially it was a really odd choice for the three colors, but they work together SO well! that gold is fantastic!

  2. I really love how pigmented this is and how you applied it.

  3. This looks amazing, I would've never thought to pair the pink/lavender like that, so gorgeous!

  4. this looks amazing on your eyes! it looks so beautiful! :)

  5. These pigments are amazing! Rich and vibrant. Thanks for sharing with us!

  6. PRETTY!!! The colors look amazing, so pigmented for that price. Eyeshadows are so tempting but I must stop buying them for a while ^^

    I tried Polyester Bride yesterday and glitter was all over my face though I like the color. I'm not a fan of glittery stuff.

    Yes it's my fiance who's really sweet :)

  7. Wow the brown and gold are hella pigmented, and look amaazing on your eyes

  8. dear! this is so damn pretty, esp the gold color!
    and it looks so pigmented! u r so lucky XD

  9. The colors are so nice! I am loving the look on you!

  10. you created a totally awesome look! love the wet n wild palettes, so goooood for the price


  11. what??!!! really??? wet and wild and pigmented like a high end product??? unbelievable!!! love the look btw :)))


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