Sunday, June 26, 2011

Top Powder Blush Picks Spring/Summer 2011

Hey guys!

Following my Top Cream Blush Picks, I am proceeding to show you guys my favorite powder blushes for this season. I personally prefer powder blushes, so I have a lot more powder blush favorites.
*I again apologize for mentioning limited edition products :/ But they are honestly my favorites.

 NYX 'Cinnamon' Powder Blush:
A great bright orange shade that is amazing for a bold cheek. This is matte.
Everyday Minerals 'Sand Cherry' Blush
~Lovely, shimmery golden, peachy color. I like this as a highlighter over a peachy/orange blush.
MAC 'Stereo Rose' MSF:
~ Shimmery coral. Gives a really nice glow to the cheeks
MAC 'Well Dressed'
 ~A light pink that is suitable for almost every skin tone. It is just one of those colors you can slap on with any look. It is my everyday, go-to blush.
MAC 'Spaced Out'
 ~A light, warm peach color. But it has a very interesting pink sheen that is not captured by the camera. A very unique blush.
MAC 'Dolly Mix'
~A hot pink, that is still very wearable. This blush give an amazing glow to the face, and it looks great on all skin tones. I like to layer this over 'Well Dressed'.


Stereo Rose/ Sand Cherry/ Cinnamon/ Spaced Out/ Well Dressed/ Dolly Mix

With Flash: Stereo Rose/ Sand Cherry/ Cinnamon/ Spaced Out/ Well Dressed/ Dolly Mix

Spring and Summer have been all about the orange and corals, so play up your cheeks with some bold colors!

What is your favorite powder blush?


  1. omgsh, don't apologize for featuring LE products! it's not your fault! If they ever get repromoted we'll know if we like it or not :)
    lovely colors though that NYX blush looks awesome. I've been eying dollymix for a while, I just fear it's too bright for me xD

  2. Yami nice pick. I have to try to everyday minerals

  3. Oh~~~ they are all so pretty~~~~
    I get so excited when I see blush favourites. hehe
    Nyx "cinnamon" looks lovely~

  4. Gorgeous picks. These swatches are really clear. I love all of them, though only own Well Dressed and Dollymix.

  5. This is a very nice selection of blushes for spring and summer.

  6. ORANGE! *_* Definitely perfect for the summer. I just might have to go pick up "Cinnamon" for myself at a local store. hehe. Thanks for the swatches!

  7. Aw, wish it was summer here. Great picks. (:

  8. yes hehehe same school! didn't know bloggers went to that school! hahahah love the swatches! i'm obsessed w blushes :D

  9. They are so lovely! I love your blushes pick!

  10. i went ooohhhh at the swatches! hahaha! everything looks so pretty! :3

  11. @DeyiMizu: Thanks hun!

    @sugar sugar: I get so excited when people do blush collections or blush favs, I also go "Ohhh!"

  12. Sand Cherry and Well Dressed look pretty!! I think I wanna try the MAC one. Thanks for the swatches!! :)


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