Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Product Rave: Macadamia Oil

My first hair product rave, ever!

I don't use many hair products, or even if I use them, they don't impress me enough for me to repurchase them. I have been using a sample of Macadamia Oil I got from a friend of mine, and WOW! I love it. It is the Macadamia Oil treatment oil? Eh...Well the brand is called Macadamia Oil and the product is an oil so is it Macadamia Oil oil?

Anyways, my friend purchased it at Pure Beauty, which is a beauty supply store, for about $36. Expensive, I know, but it has done wonders to my hair! I had tons of split ends and very dry ends. This has helped soooo much to get rid of split ends and to overall hydrate my hair. I seriously had a loooot of split ends, but I didn't want to cut my hair since I am growing out. Now I don't have to; not yet anyways. Also, when you apply it, it really adds shine and life to your hair. It makes it radiant without making it look oily.

The scent is interesting too. It smells nutty and I really love how it smells. I am so in love with this, that I am going to purchase my own bottle. I will do a proper review once I get my own bottle and use it for a longer time.

On a side note, my friend has also used it and her hair looks so great too! It is incredibly soft and shiny.

I will update you guys on this. So far, I have used it everyday for the last month. See you all very soon!


  1. Man, my hair is in desparate need of hydration. I have long layered hair and the longest layer basically feels like dry leaves :/
    I've heard so much about Morrocon Oil.
    So I should use it every day at night for about a month aye? I'll be keen to see your review babe xoxox

  2. wow, Moroccan Oil sounds like a great product!

  3. I hear so much positive reviews on this oil but I am always scare that it will look so oily on my hair.

  4. have you tried this for the face hun? i'm also curious about moroccan oil. :)

  5. ive heard so many good thing about this product, maybe its time for me to woman up and buy it~~~great review~~~


  6. AHHHH I WANT TO READ YOUR REVIEW ALREADY YAMI! Lately I've been wanting to try this type of oil on my hair but...yeah. I'm keeping my hair long for the time being, but I have so many split ends. =/ Anyways, hope to read it soon. (once you write it of course) :D


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