Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top Creme Blush Picks Spring/Summer 2011

If there is one makeup item that I am extremely obsessed with, it is blush ♥
I love blushes of all colors, finishes, and brands. So picking my top favorites for this season was extremely difficult. First, I will show you my favorite creme blushes. I don't have many creme blushes, but the following are my favorites~
*I apologize before hand for mentioning some limited edition products. But I simply love the blushes so, I will mention them anyways.

Cream Blushes
I honestly don't like cream blushes when its hot. I prefer powders. But, I have a few drugstore cream blushes that I have been loving! I use them on their own, or under a powder blush.

Pink Flash/ Plaza Pink/ Wild Berry
All three of these are NYC Blushable Cream Sticks, which are super cheap and really good quality. Unfortunately Pink Flash and Wild Berry were LE :(
(No Flash) Top to Bottom: Pink Flash/ Plaza Pink/ Wild Berry

(With Flash)
 Pink Flash: Bright coral-pink. I think this is kind of similar to MAC Cremeblend Blush in 'Joie-De-Vivre', not an exact dupe though.
Plaza Pink:Pink with coral undertone. As you can see from the flash picture, it is a little frosty. But it great for adding an amazing glow to the cheeks. This is permanent and you can find it where ever NYC is sold.
Wild Berry: A magenta berry color. This is very bright and pigmented! I have no dupes for this. I wonder if this is a little similar to MAC Creme Color Base in 'Madly Magenta'?

Overall Thoughts
I love these because they are 1) Super pigmented 2) Very affordable, and 3) Easy to build up the color and to blend. I hope that NYC makes more colors, because these are seriously amazing ♥

*If you know any other creme blushes that look similar to Wild Berry, please let me know! That one is my absolute favorite~

What is your favorite creme blush?


  1. Those are SO gorgeous. They look like lipsticks. It's a shame I can't do cream blushes (not only is it hot year round here where I live, but I also oil up/break out like crazy).

  2. my fav is plaza pink~~~i luv the colour~~~very natural~~~~


  3. oh I want these! I have NYX Cream Blushes but these look super cute

  4. Pink Flash and Wild Berry are to die for! Plus, they'd make awesome lipsticks... lol

  5. Those are super pretty!!! I've been wanting to try a cream type of blush but...I think my local CVS stopped carrying NYC stuff. Boo. Thanks for this review though. ^^

  6. Ohhh~ I have heard so many ppl rave about the NYC cream sticks and Ive always wanted to try them! They are all such gorgeous shades but I love 'pink flash' the most :D

    Would love to see them on your cheeks :D

    Hope you have been well beautiful~ xoxox

  7. I feel the same way about creme blushes too, especially when it's hot I don't like to wear them. I LOVE Plaza Pink though :D

  8. To be honest I never had a chance to try a creme blushes, but those shades are just soo pretty!
    esp wild berry and pink plaza :D

  9. They look gorgeous, especially Pink Flash!

  10. Your swatches are amazing! I really want these now


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