Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: Lancome Color Fever Glosses from Bronze Azure Collection

Hi dolls :)

I am very excited to show you guys what I purchased from the Bronze Azure collection. These are my very first Lancome products ever! I was never really Lancome products because everything seemed very toned down, and did not think their products would suit me very well.

When the Bronze Azure collection came out last month, I saw many people raving about the products. I saw swatches of the colors and I was amazed to find that Lancome had released products that, in my opinion, were more colorful and fun. I thought that the best time to try out my first Lancome products would be now~

Price and Availability:
I purchased my products online at Nordstrom. This is a limited edition collection, so check your local Lancome counters or online stores to see if these products are still available. [They are still available online at Nordstrom].

~Color Fever Gloss in 'Hibis-Kiss' [$26]
~Color Fever Gloss in 'Peach Paradise' [$26]


~is a coral-strawberry shade with tons of shimmer. It is a little sheer, but the color shows up on my lips. This looks amazing over coral lipsticks as well. The name is so adorable too!
I have no dupe for this.
This is true to color
It looks redder for some reason...

Peach Paradise:
A creamy pinky-peach with gold shimmer. This one is more pigmented than Hibis-Kiss, and it shows up a lot more. I personally like to wear this on top of nude lipsticks or over pinks.
See the gold shimmer?

I thought this color was going to be similar to Revlon's 'Peach Petal' but they are very different. Peach Paradise is darker, and more peach while 'Peach Petal' is a more pink-toned nude peach.
Lancome 'Peach Paradise'/ Revlon 'Peach Petal'

Product Review
~The texture of these is very nice. They are not sticky, they are no thick, and they are not runny and they feel very nice on my lips.
~These have a very noticeable rose fragrance. I like it, but sometimes it bothers me because I am not used to the smell. But once you apply it, you can't really smell it.
~As far as wear, they don't last that long on my lips, maybe like 1-3 hours. But they are lipglosses, so long wear was not expected.

The Good
~Gorgeous colors
~Beautiful shimmer
~The packaging is really cute, and sophisticated
~I personally adore the applicator
Color Fever Gloss Applicator

The Bad
I didn't find anything I hated about these. Well, maybe just the price tag. The colors are really pretty, the shimmers in these are gorgeous, and they have a very classy scent.
There are things they could improve on, though:
~Increase in pigmentation; they a little sheer.
~Perhaps make the scent a little more subdued
~Make it cheaper? Haha, yeah that is not going to happen. 

These are great lip glosses, the only problem is the price tag. I think if you are a person who likes department store makeup/ high end brands, then I highlyrecommend these two colors.
But if you don't like spending much money on makeup or you only buy high end cosmetics occasionally [like me] then I think these are not worth the $26. Revlon makes really great lip glosses that definitely are better than these Lancome ones. Also, Revlon lip glosses are usually about $4-7.

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  1. Ohhh~ They are both GORGEOUS shades. So up my alley! I had a lancome lipgloss in a lavender shade and I loved it :D

  2. beautiful glossies, i also love the sneak peek of your nail polish!!! ;)

  3. oh wow, i'd love to see swatches on your lips. ^_^ they look so pretty!
    byt the way, I shared some awards with you:

    Take care love! ^_^

  4. i love both shades dear. LOTD please haha! :)

  5. both peach paradise and petal are really pretty! great swatches

  6. I love peach paradise!


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