Saturday, June 11, 2011 Review: Geo Princess Mimi Circle Lenses 'Chocolate Brown'+ EOTD

Yes, circle lenses. Very controversial product, but whatever.
These are the first circle lenses I have EVER tried and reviewed, so keep that in mind. Have it in mind? Yes? Okay, good.

I bought these out of sheer curiosity, because I really wanted to know what these would look like on my eye. A little background: I have extremely dark brown eyes and normal sized eyes, leaning towards the smaller side. I thought the 'Chocolate Brown' would be the most flattering and natural color on me so I purchased that one.

Price Availability:
I bought these at Shoppingholics and they were $23.90. They kindly sent me a cute contact case as well as a few extras.
Shipping and Packaging
Shipping was $3.90! That is such a great price for products that are being shipped from Asia! But it did take a while for the package to arrive. I made my order on 03/20 and received it on 03/31. It wasn't too bad, its not like I urgently needed circle lenses! And everything was packaged so cute and neat! I recommend this site!
 The box in which the lenses were in was so freaking cute~~
Nice, eh?

Thank You card

Some extras :D

Application and Comfort

At first, these were difficult to apply, but that is because I am really inexperienced and such a noob T_T [Noob Alert!!] But, once I found a technique that worked for me, it was really easy to apply these. I lift my eye lid upwards and apply the lens with my index finger directly into my eye, and then blink several times.
*Remember that you have to soak new circle lenses in cleaning solution for 8 hours prior to using them!

When I first put these on, they were a little uncomfortable. And like I said before, I have never worn circle lenses before. I could definitely feel them there, but over all they weren't that uncomfortable once I got used to them.  I have heard that these are very comfortable as far as circle lenses go, but I can't compare them since I've never used any other ones before. I can't wear these for very long though.

Overall Thoughts
I can't say I love these, honestly. I think I look super creepy with them on, and rather soulless. I think maybe the color doesn't suit me very well. Also, although these aren't uncomfortable, they still feel weird to have on. And although they make my pupils look bigger, I don't think they make my eyes look bigger.
I would still try some other circle lenses, and I actually want to try the Princess Mimi gray lenses.

Here is what they look like on my eye:

I seeeee you ~~~

I paired the lenses with a dramatic purple look~ I used all Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows.

I Used:
~Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy to prime my lids and lower lash line
~Shiro Cosmtics 'Lance the Dragon Trainer' on the lid
~Shiro Cosmetics 'Rattata' on the crease
~Shiro Cosmetics 'Spiritomb' on the inner corner
~ELF pen liner
~KKCenterhk lashes
~GC Lash Blast Fusion

I can see into your soul Bwahahaha!
Thank you all for reading xD I hope I didn't look too soulless in these pictures!
*I will take more pictures with these lenses on so you can can see how they look better.
Have you tried circle lenses? Which are your favorite?


  1. wow, it looks gorgeous on you!!!

  2. wow such a nice color!! Looks awesome on you <3

  3. It looks great on you! I want to try the Princess Mimi Apple Green!

  4. The lenses definitely have a dramatic look, but not souless. More like erethral :)
    How strange that I was eying my Shiro eyeshadows today, specifically Rattata and Spirttomb

  5. i have this one in green and i luv it!~~~they make eye looks oh so pretty~~~


  6. your eyes is so pretty, and such big eyelid~~
    that brown color looks so nice on you~ :D


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