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NARS 'Sheer Glow' VS Make Up For Ever 'HD Foundation'

Hii everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend. It was Father's Day and I spent some time with my dad, who I don't see very often because he works so much! It was nice to spend some quality time with most of my family~ I have meaning to do this post for so long, and I finally got around to it :D Hope this is helpful to those who have eyes these two very hyped foundations!

Price, Quantity, and Availability
I purchased both of these at Spehora. 
NARS Sheer Glow:  $42 for 1 Fl oz

MUFE HD Foundation: $40 for 1 Fl oz

As you can see, the Sheer Glow is $2 more, but it does not come with a pump. If you want to have a pump, you will have to purchase it from the NARS website, and it costs $6. The HD foundation comes with a pump already. Thus, NARS will set you back $8.
Price wise, MUFE has the upper hand.

Both foundations come in a sleek bottle. I like both, but they both have some negative points.
Sheer Glow: comes in a glass bottle, which I personally like. But, it is more prone to breaking. Because of this, it is not very travel friendly. As I mentioned above, it also does not come with a pump. I like my foundations to come with a pump, so minus one point for NARS. I had to purchase my pump separately T_T

MUFE HD: is a plastic bottle, that already comes with a pump. I have no gripes with the packaging at all. The pump is great! And although it comes in a plastic bottle, the bottle still looks extremely sleek .

MUFE HD foundation has the more convenient packaging, but as far as looks and personal preference, I like the NARS Sheer Glow packaging better. I am a sucker for NARS packaging as well as glass-bottled foundations.

Color Selection:
MUFE has way better color selections that NARS. MUFE HD foundation maches my skin tone much better than my Sheer Glow. Because of that, the MUFE HD foundation looks more natural on the skin.

Formula Comparison

~much watery than the MUFE one, so it is very easy to spread over our skin. Because this foundation is more moist, it works very well for people with dry/combo skin. The formula makes it so it gives your skin a nice dewy finish.

~Is a lot drier compared to the Sheer Glow. It is also a lot easier to blend into the skin. This foundation seems to work better with oilier skin types, since it gives a satin finish.


~Although this makes me a little shiny thorughout the day, it holds up very nice. It doesn't crack on my skin, and it leaves the skin looking really fresh and dewy. I do have to blot at least once, but that isn't too bad. SO although it might make you oily, it stays put on the skin extremely well!

~This controls oil very well because it has a drier formula. But it also is prone to looking a little flaky and dry on my skin. I have to be very careful to moisturize my skin well and even maybe use a setting spray over my foundation. I would say that if you have oilier skin than me, this will last a lot longer on your skin than the NARS one.

For duration, I have to go with the NARS Sheer Glow~

NARS is on the left and MUFE on the right.

 NARS Sheer Glow is my favorite of the two.
Why? Mostly because the HD foundation made me breakout. The Sheer Glow, although it does not prevent oiliness, does not melt off my face in the heat. It also doesn't make my face look dry, and does not "crack" on my face. If you want to try either of these, please go to Sephora, or any counter that has these, to give you a sample to try. Then, you can decide whether to purchase these or to skip out on it. Because of the price, I highly recommend that you get a sample first!

Thank you for reading ♥
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  1. This was pretty informative. I'm soo reluctant to pay $40 for foundation haha but if I ever do decide to try it out, this is a good information to know. Awesome post! :)

  2. nice review. Nars sheer glow is the boss lol

  3. too bad MUFE made you break out. thanks for this comparison! i think sheer glow should be added to my foundations to try list. =)

  4. Great review! Sound like the Nars Sheer Glow will work for me as I have combo skin too:) But I won't spend $40 on a foundation:)

  5. Great review!! I have yet to try either product but now I really want to try NARS Sheer Glow. =)


  6. great review! I really want to try both, iv only gotten into buying nars lately, as its not very available where im from, but makeup for ever is great too.

  7. i just bought the HD foundation~~~and i really like it, of course i havent use it consistently to see if it breaks me out or not, but i like the HD very much right now~~~thx for the review~~~


  8. oh my goodness.. my skin broke out aswell when i started using mufe hd foundation.. i recently bought nars sheer glow and so far i'm loving it :)

  9. Replies
    1. Oh I can't really remember >_<"
      I think it was NARS Gobi and MUFE #117.
      Sorry about that! I should have really written that down!

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  11. i just bought the MUFE and now im wondering if i will break out too... oh well its from QVC so i can send it back... ill check if they have nars... thanks for the great swatches... wow... that was lots of work and its appreciated...

  12. How would you describe the NARS one as far as coverage goes? is it comparable to the HD one?

    1. It has been a while since I used either, but I think they have a similar coverage. To me, they both had a medium coverage that was buildable.

  13. very helpful. Thank you!!!!!!!

  14. Hi what colors of fnds did u use? Thanks

    1. Oh I can't really remember, it has been a long time!
      I think it was NARS Gobi and MUFE #117.
      Sorry about that! I should have really written that down!


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