Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Things I Regret Buying

Eh? What is this? I hardly ever tell you guys about products that I hate, but I decided it is time to buckle down, and be honest [and maybe a little mean] about products that just did not work out for me.

*Remember, just because something did not work for me does not mean it won't work for you :D

1. MAC MSF Natural 

I mentioned in my May Favorites that this product has been a huge disappointment.  I like the way it looks on my skin, but it broke me out like no other. I know many other people have had this same problem, so I know this product is a hit or miss kind of product. For me: a total miss. No one wants to use a product that gives them pizza face syndrome! And at $27, it isn't all that cheap.At least I can Back2MAC...

2.MAC 'Lark About' Pigment

I bought this at a CCO a while back, can't remember how much it was though . But I hate it!!! So much. The color is nice; its a white with blue duochrome. But the texture is..ughh..gross. It is chunky and gritty. I do not want to put something gritty on my eye. Its almost like putting sand on my eyelids! Okay, maybe not that extreme.

3.Guerlain Lipstick in 'Gemma'

I actually have a review for this, and I told you guys that I like it, but that it was really expensive. And I still keep that same thought. I like this lipstick; it is pretty and good quality, but for the price, it is really not worth it. I don't reach for it that often either. The only really unique thing about it is the packaging, but that is about it. I regret spending my money on this when I could have purchased something better.

4.Hello Kitty palette from Sephora

Let me be honest, I am a complete sucker for anything made by Sanrio. So when the Hello Kitty line came out at Sephora I immediately bought one of the eyeshadow quads. Although the packaging is freaking adorable, the eyeshadows are not that great. They are smooth and seem to be pigmented when you swatch them.But its all a lie!! When you are in the safety of your home, happy with your uber cute new purchase, and you them proceed to apply the eyeshadows to your eyelids, they just blend out complete leaving only remnants of the color. The colors just simply disappear! Like magic! And of course that will make you depressed and angry. "Why did I spend my money on this crap?? Ah, but its cute crap!" you will scream at the top of your lungs! Little did you know, that they inventor of these eyeshadows is really Voldemort, and he is trying to make all the makeup and HK lovers depressed. Then he will rule the world and kill Harry Potter.So, in summary, this palette is all a world domination conspiracy. Yup.

For the time being this is all the products that I can think of. I will makes noted of products that I have regretted buying so that it will be informative for all of you. Thanks you all for reading ^_~
*I am seriously having mental issues! I can't wait for the last Harry Potter movie to come out!


  1. Aww, I'm sorry you don't like the MSF and HK Palette. =( Maybe you could do a swap with someone to get your money's worth?


  2. hahahaha~~~~you r soooo funny~~~i luv your comment on the HK palette~~~i wanted to buy it, but felt i cant just buy it cuz i luv the packaging~~~and now im glad i didnt~~~~again you r sooo funny~~~


  3. I'm sorry again MSF Natural broke you out. :(

  4. Stupid Hello Kitty. She sucks. ;)

  5. bwahahaha at the whole hello kitty part

    oh man, sorry msf broke you out, that's the worse!!! I break out from EVERYTHING and surprisingly that didn't do it to me. go figure


  6. Aaaww sorry to hear your disappointments of the products :(
    Too bad we always somehow have to waste a little money to find the best stuff. But at least we learn from it :)

  7. LOL at Voldemort!! Is it July 15th yet????

  8. ohh I got that eye shadow too, I find it lack pigment and just chunky, the color looks nice and silver in the palette though, thats pretty much it!

  9. awww im so sorry. I hate it when I buy items that do not work out.

  10. awwwww i'm sad these didn't work for you doll. they all seem promising though. >.<'


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