Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EOTD: Shiro Cosmetics 'Midna'

I don't know about you guys, but many days I am way too lazy to do a complicated eye look just to go to school/work/ect... Many days, my eye makeup consists of only one eyeshadow and mascara. That is what I did today ^_^

What I am wearing:
~Shiro Cosmetics 'Midna' eyeshadow
~Lash Blast Mascara

It is not the most interesting look, but it was easy and it works :D

Also, just a quiiiick update: I have finals coming up soon, and I am up to my neck in homework, essays, and a lot of other stuff :/ So, I will probably only be doing really short posts until after my finals [except my Shiro Cosmetics Pokemon post which is almost done].

Hope you guys have a lovely week! And thank you Mimi for the Dr Jart BB cream samples!


  1. great look~~~i luv the gun metal colours~~~


  2. nicely done, sexy smoky eye :D i often just go to work rocking one bright eyeshadow so that it LOOKS like i put some effort into myself. put on a bright green with a quick swipe of gloss and people compliment like i spent all day on my face haha


  3. Like the colors! Looks like it would be simple and quick, but i know for me darker colors are a pain to work with.
    Good luck on your finals!

  4. i think these falsies are very easy to use, and i feel that if you want to go out or have a special occasion/event they'll come in handy~~~

  5. a single eyeshadow that's wearable. :) very pretty. ;)

    goodluck with school work dear. :) i'm sure you'll do well.

  6. Pretty pretty I like it!!! :)
    Good luck with your school work. You can do it!! ^.^

  7. such a beautiful eyeshadow color--perfect for a day to evening transition :)))

  8. its so nice! looks like one of my VOV e/s, :D

  9. I love that u blend it out very well:) Love the simple look:)


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