Saturday, May 7, 2011

Haul: UCD Annual Earth Festival

The University of California, Davis holds an annual Earth Festival  on campus that is super popular around the area. It takes place on Mother's Day weekend; Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you are around the area you should check it out.
I went last year, but I did not really look around. So I went again yesterday and there was so many awesome things. I only bought two things, but I love them!

The first thing I bought: a pair of Origami crane earrings! They are sooo cute~~~ Kyaaa! They are a pair of lacquered red paper cranes that have black designs on it.

 I actually already owned some paper crane earrings. I got that pair at Japan Town in San Francisco at a jewelry store that is right next to the Sanrio [I do not remember the name of the store D;] But the ones I got from SF were $19, while the ones I bought at the Earth Festival were $10.
The left one is the one I bought at SF. It is a light blue with  purple patters.
 The second thing I purchased was another pair of earrings. But just looks at these! They are incredibly cute!  They seem to be an abstract form of a flower that has curly stamens coming out of the flower. They have a small crystal on the top of the flower.
 They remind me of these kind of flowers:

These were a bit expensive, at $45. But I love them ♥


  1. So gorgeous! I have to be careful with jewelry, as I'm allergic to nickel so I don't wear a lot... but those cranes are so COOL :D

  2. these are ever so pretty! i think those earrings are worth what you spent for them because they are so pretty and unique. :)

  3. Ohh~ the crane earrings are so gorgeous... The flower ones are so pretty too.. Expensive but well worth it! :D


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