Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review: Artistry 'Tender' Eye Compact

Background on Artistry
Artistry is a major cosmetic and skin care line, one of the top five beauty brands in the world. But you hardly ever hear about it because it is an exclusive brand to the Amway Global corporation. That means that you can only purchase Artistry if you are an IBO [Independent Business Owner] or if you buy it from and IBO. My mom is actually an IBO, so I can get products from her.

My Thoughts on the Brand
Like any other brand, Artistry has good and bad products. I feel that their cosmetic range is targeted to older women because most of the colors in their line are very neutral and subtle. I have really enjoyed some of their products, especially the more recent makeup releases. Part of their Spring 2011 line includes two eye trio compacts, both of which I bought.

Retail: $45 D:
IBO: $29.25 [Muuuch better]
This is a terrible picture, but pretty much it is a reflective light pink compact that is about the size of my palm. It has a cute flower engraved with three small crystals and the Artistry logo on the bottom. I really like the packaging, it is super cute and convenient. The compact is thin, and it has a good sized mirror inside as well as two sponge tip applicators. Each compact also comes with a black sleeve to protect the compact from getting scratched or damaged.

Product Review
The compact has three colors:
~Natural Brown: Satin mid toned brown,slightly leaning towards a taupe brown
~Sunbeam Yellow: Shimmery golden white. It looks white,but applies as a white gold sheen
~Golden Green: Shimmery golden, olive green.

The colors are very smooth, and I personally did not get any fallout from them. One thing that I didn't like is that the colors are a little sheer. They are designed to be somewhat soft colors, because like I said before, Artistry cosmetics tend to be very neutral and sophisticated. I still love the colors, but I wish they were a little more pigmented. I love the fact that the shimmer is so fine, subtle yet still noticeable.

These have a great staying power, though. They stayed on my eye all day without fading. 


With Flash
I have really enjoyed using this palette. My favorite color is 'Natural Brown' and I love using it as a crease color. I give this a 7/10 because of the CONS. Honestly, I would have never payed $45 for this. $29 seems a lot more reasonable.

~Great colors
~Convenient packaging
~Great neutral and basic trio
~Price and Availability for non-IBOs
~Pigmentation could be a little better

Look Using this Trio: EOTD


  1. Greta neutral palette! BUt a bit pricey thought:)

  2. I really love these shades.. Wow! But they are really pricey :/

    Yay for getting at a lower price from your mum! Does she run a makeup business?? :D

  3. the color is nice and natural.
    i want get it too! <3 <3

  4. hmmmmmm... they look kind of powdery..? i'm not sure but i haven't tried this brand before. :)


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