Monday, May 9, 2011

Jill Stuart Polish #909 'Sapphire'

During the span of my life I have owned so many glittery nail polishes, and usually they are sheer and disappointing. But My one and only Jill Stuart nail polish has shown me that glitter top coats can be beautiful. Don't get me wrong, I love glitter top coats, but they have to be extremely pretty or else they are not worth putting on.
Revlon 'Silver' and JS 'Sapphire'. Look at the difference in packaging.

Price and Availability:
This was a gift, but I think these range about $20 per bottle. Yes, very expensive here in the US. JS is a very expensive Asian brand, so these will not be cheap. I want to try more JS products, but I am rather poor at the moment :/
Product Review
Jill Stuart polishes come in the most beautiful bottle I have I ever seen. They look like nail polishes designed for a princess. Although the bottle does not have anything to do with the actual nail polish, it is nice to have a great polish AND a pretty bottle. The polish itself is a sheer blue base with a jelly consistency that has loads of slightly holographic glitter. In the sun, the glitter looks amazing! You could wear this alone, but I personally think It looks better on top of another polish. In this mani, I am wearing it over Revlon's 'Silver' polish which is a light gray with slight blue undertones.

I have one coat of 'Silver' and one coat of 'Sapphire.'
I really like this because it is a subtle holographic polish. It is really cute and you can pair it with any polish.

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  1. i luv the finish~~~great combination of colour, and i luv glitter nail polish too~~~~

  2. the colors are wonderful! I would love to try JS too!

  3. Wow. I need that JS polish in my life!

  4. Wow, i love the JS polish :O
    I agree! JS is SO expensive !! the only place i found a JS blush being sold in NZ was at NZ$128!!

  5. Wow! Great combination, that glitter polish is amazing :)


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