Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Haul and Review: Head2ToeBeauty Nail polish

Hello everyone :) I hope everyone is doing well. I just got over a terrible...um, sickness? I had a fever and a sore throat, and as quickly as it came, it was gone. How mysterious...

This is an over due nail polish haul from Head2Toe Beauty. This website sells China Glaze, Color, Club, Misa, Orly, Essie, and Creative nail polishes. All of these are discounted, except for Essie, which are still $8 on the site. I have been wanting to buy some China Glaze and Color Club polishes for a while, so I found this site and just went crazy and bought a whole bunch of polishes.

Price and Availability:
China Glaze: $2.99 each
Color Club:$3.00 each
As you can see, they are somewhat cheaper than retail price by about $2-$3. The only problem is that the most popular nail polishes might be sold out. The China Glaze Crackle collection, for example, sold out almost immediately.

Shipping Price:
Shipping was expensive to say the least. I believe for me it was $12.22. I did purchase 16 nail polishes though, and I think shipping is still about $10 regardless of how much you purchase. So yes, shipping is quite expensive, so I do not recommend you buy from here unless you are buying a lot of polishes. For me, it was worth it because I cannot buy Color Club or Misa polishes anywhere around where I live, so regardless I have to pay for shipping.

Company Review:
I had a really awesome experience with this company, and I will share my story with you. I purchased these nail polishes, and the total was $62. It was shipped with UPS, who delivered the package to my front porch. Or according to the UPS tracking, anyways. I never received my package, even though the tracking said it was delivered to my door. I emailed Head2Toe Beauty, and they replied saying that they would make an inquiry at UPS. It took a while, but eventually they sent me a new package, which I received with no problems.Shipping time was about 3 days. I am really grateful that they sent me a second package, because many companies will not do that. They were super helpful, patient, and very polite. I definitely recommend this website, it is risk free and you should be assured that you WILL get you package.

The products were well packaged too. They came in a big box with tons of those foam things, and the nail polishes came in smaller boxes. These are the boxes they came in:

I am very happy with the shipping and the packaging.

Products I Purchased
The fun part of course! The haul itself~
I purchased 2 Misa, 3 China Glaze, and 11 Color Club polishes. I went a little crazy with CC because I only owned 1 of their polishes and I absolutely love it.

 Non-Color Club polishes
[L to R]: 'Green with Envy' and 'It's You!'
 These are the two Misa polishes I decided to buy. These are my very first Misa polishes, and one thing I really like about them is the shape and look of the bottle. One of my favorite bottles EVAR! They kind of remind me a little of Deborah Lippmann polishes.
Close up of 'It's You!'

~China Glaze:
[L to R]: 'Ingrid',  'Jitterbug', and  'Peachy Keen'
Three China Glaze polishes~ I have been meaning to buy these for a long time.

Color Club

[L to R]:'Wild at Heart', 'Worth the Risque',  'Revvvolution',  'Fashion Addict'
These are the holos I picked out. Very niiiice~

[L to R]: 'Snakeskin','Ms.Hautie','De-Luxe-cious', 'Wild Orchid'
These are older colors that I have always wanted but never purchased:
Close up on 'Ms. Hautie'
~Alter Ego Collection:
No Flash [L to R]: 'Ulterior Motive',  'Alias',  'Alter Ego'

Flash [L to R]: 'Ulterior Motive',  'Alias',  'Alter Ego'
These are the polishes that caught my attention from the Alter Ego collection. I like all three!

Thank you all for reading, and I hope this was helpful :)

Hopefully I can swatch these soon. I haven't taken pictures of my nails because they broke and they look hideous. But they are a little better now, so I will start swatching.

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  1. i only have 2 china glaze polish which got from sally's beauty supply when i was in the states last year. but they are good quality~~~
    and i luv a company that has great customer service~~~


  2. all the colors look so pretty! i think i can also get china glaze here. might as well try it sometime since all the nail polishes i have are from korea ATM haha! :)

  3. All nice colors! Can't wait to see the swatches

  4. Ooooh I want all those Color Clubs! So pretty!


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