Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Tarina Tarantino Starchild Odyssey Palette

Hello lovelies ♥
This is kind of late, but I thought I should do a proper swatches and a review of the palette that I am giving away. [Giveaway ends 5/30/11]

~Very pigmented colors
~All the colors are amazing
~The packaging is unique and gorgeous
~Overall a great deal, the price is not too bad
~Has a large mirror inside
~Limited edition
~Not the most wearable colors
~Some colors can have a bit of fall out

Price and Availability:
$39.This was a limited edition palette and is no longer available at Sephora. You might find them at Sephora stores, but they will be only a limited stock.

The box it comes in is so pretty. It changes colors ^^ I have had mine for about half a year and I still have the box.
The palette also has the same coloring, it is so unique and pretty. The cover has a picture of a model wearing a look using the colors in the palette. The whole palette feels very futuristic and reminds me of space travel~
The palette comes in a black satchel.

Great packaging. It has a huge mirror inside, which is very useful for doing eye makeup.

Product Review:
This is a great palette of brighter colors. It contains 5 colors, and they are all smooth and very pigmented.
The colors in the palette are:

1.Starchild: A super pigmented metallic silver.
2.Empire: Very pigmented metallic teal
3.Meteor Night: Dark midnight blue, very pigmented and has a luster finish.
4.Oddyssey: Iridescent purple with a beautiful sheen. Very similar to MAC 'Parfait Amour' but slightly lighter
5.Nebula: A light, yet pigmented lilac

My favorite colors are Starchild and Odyssey. Starchild is by far the most pigmented silver I own, and Odyssey is purple but has a very pretty iridescence that makes it look glowy and awesome


This is one of my most favorite palettes. Mostly because I like all the colors, the shadows are super pigmented, and it is a really compact and unique palette. I give this a 9/10.

Thanks you so much for reading, see you next time ^^


  1. Thanks for the swatch and review! Oddyssey looks great!!

  2. gorgeous colours~~~~great swatches~~~

  3. Love the shade names :), and the packaging :D.

  4. this looks amazing! it looks super pigmented! :)


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