Friday, February 10, 2012

The Legend of Zelda Series: Midna (Imp Form)

Yay, another Zelda look ♥
This is my second Midna look, inspired by the stubborn and sarcastic imp version. Midna looks and acts very childish in her cursed state, so I wanted to do something a little more fun. I choose to use orange (for her hair),black (she has a lot of black), and a pale green color (I wanted it to be more blue to represent her skin tone, but oh well).

Inspiration photo:

Products Used

-Maybelline Color Tattoo 'Fierce and Tangy'
-Illamasqua Cream Pigment 'Bedaub'
-Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette (I just used the matte black from this palette)
-Fyrinnae 'Pyromantic Erotica'
-YSL Ombres 5 Lumieres #11 'Midnight Garden' (sparkly mint green)
-Artistry mascara
-Dolly Wink Liquid Liner
-KKCenterhk ES A88 Lashes

-Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream
-MAC 'On a Mission' Blush
-Sleek 'Papaya' Lipstick
-Australis 'Limited Edition 2' Lipstick

I sort of had started to do a tutorial...but I forgot half way through. I only took pictures for the first two steps, and then I just have the finished result. Should I even bother to put pictures to the first two steps? I will include them just for the heck of it.

1. Apply a bright orange on the inner third  of the lid and inner corner. I am using the Color Tattoo as a base for the Fyrinnae 'Pyromantic Erotica' eyeshadow that I apply later. Of course you can apply any cream base or eyeshadow that is orange.

 2. Next, apply a pale green/blue color on the rest of the lid.. I am using Illamasqua's Cream Pigment in 'Bedaub.' This is a minty green color. Don't worry it is not perfect.

3. Then, use a crease brush and apply a matte black eyeshadow on the crease. Really work the color in. With the same brush, or with a smudge brush, apply the matte black thickly on the lower lash line.

4. (Optional) Since I used cream products, I decided to apply powder eyeshadows over them. I apply Fyrinnae's 'Pyromantic Erotica' over the orange base and the sparkly mint shade from my YSL palette over the green base.
5. Lastly, I applied mascara, liquid liner, and false eyelashes.

See? It really is not a super complicated look :)

Midna has one of her eyes covered, and since I messed up on my left eye, I covered it up with my hair~ Haha convenient, right?

I hope you liked this look :D
How would you wear this eye look?


  1. wow, so pretty tut, love the combination of shades!!

  2. love it, and your lipstick is so in

  3. I love the touch of orange! It's a really interesting mix of shades, so pretty!

  4. i really like the look =) especially with the lipstick at the end ! Grey and orange are just SO pretty together !


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