Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Highlighter Stash

Hello~ ♥

I love seeing how people use their highlighters and what different highlighters they use. Everyone has their own preferences and methods to applying highlighters. I have both liquid and powder highlighters, but I tend to use them differently. Here are the highlighters I have, and what I use each different one for.

Liquid Highlighters
For the most part, I like to use liquid highlighters in my foundation. I will add a drop or two of a liquid highlighter into my foundation to make it more luminous. If I forget to do that, then I might get a drop of a liquid highlighter and dab it on my cheeks with my fingers.

MAC Pink Rebel and Sun Rush Lustre Drops
These MAC Lustre Drops work best for me when I add them into my foundation. I don't really like using them over my foundation because I feel that they look too obvious on my skin tone.

Lorac L1 Luminizer
 The Lorac luminizer is great for a greater glow. If you are looking for that pearly glow on you cheekbones and bridge of your nose, then you might want to consider this. It is more watery and doesn't have much pigmentation. That means it gives a nice pearl, shimmery glow.
ELF Lilac Petal
 This inexpensive ELF highlighter is thicker than my other liquid highlighters and it can be somewhat pigmented. But this one has a rosey, taupe undertone than makes it not so stand offish. But it still is shimmery and can be opaque, so be careful not to over apply it.

MAC Pink Rebel         /     MAC Sun Rush         /       Lorac L1        /      ELF Lilac Petal
Powder Highlighters
Recently, I realized that I much prefer powder highlighters. They are easier to apply and are easier to control the amount of product that is applied. You can easily use an eyeshadow as a powder highlight as well.

Estee Lauder Modern Mercury Powder Gelee
 This is my HG highlighter. I have used it almost every single day since I purchased it. It was incredibly difficult to find since it was limited edition. But I love it so much! I like to use a small face brush to lightly apply it on my cheek bones. If I apply it with my fingers, the color will be a little too obvious so I prefer a brush.
I also use this under my brows to highlight that area.

Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous Face Illuminator

Not long ago I purchased this Laura Mercier one with a Sephora gift card I had. I was hoping this would be similar to the EL one, and in fact it is. Of course, it is also extremely beautiful! This one is only slightly lighter than the Estee Lauder one, so I also apply this with a brush.

Estee Lauder    /    Laura Mercier

My favorite liquid highlighter is definitely MAC's Pink Rebel Lustre Drops. Those compliment my skin tone better than the rest.
 As for powder highlighters, both I have are very similar but I think I prefer the Estee Lauder one. I find it to be a little smoother and easier to apply.
My least favorite of all my highlighters is the ELF one. It is a good highlighter, but I don't like the particular color that I have. It leans to the taupe side so I find that it looks odd on my skin. 

What is your favorite highlighting product?


  1. I never really use highligher because i'm totally rubbish at contouring or highlighting or whatever, haha. The ones you have look really lovely though! Love the rosy flowery pattern on the Laura Mercier one. :D

    1. Haha, yeah I was the same too. But since I got the EL highlighter, I have enjoyed using it a lot!

  2. All of them are gorgeous! Especially the LM one! I love love love highlighters!

  3. I'm a big highlighter girl, too! I envy that you got the Estee Lauder one so much :'( lol

    My current HG highlighter is Benefit's Watt's Up! since it's perfect on me~ I also am a big fan of Josie Maran's as well :)

    1. Aww I am sure EL will release something like it in the future. In fact they have one that is slightly darker. :D

  4. I have to admit, I'm pretty lazy with highlighting my face lol. I've been interested to try Estee Lauder Modern Mercury though, the LM illuminator is so pretty but I doubt I would want to actually use it!

    1. Haha I know, I am using the LM one but only the corner :D

  5. Forgive me, I'm a make-up novice. Is highlight = blush?

    1. Some highlighters can be used as blush if they are dark enough, but they are mostly used on the area above the place where you put blush. Bu applying a light colored or shimmery highlight, it brings light to your face and will make your complexion luminous :D

  6. I love illuminators. You have a great collection! For the most part, i find it easier to use highlighting powders than liquids! maybe because i love using brushes and just focusing on a certain are. not sure. :) i love your mac pink rebel?

  7. Love your collection <3 The LM one is gorgeous <3

  8. you have so many highlighter *w* that MAC pink rebel looks so pretty <3

  9. Thank you for the reviews and swatches! I've never used a liquid highlighter before - I prefer the ease of use with a powder highlighter. The Laura Mercier one you have is really pretty!

  10. I don't own any highlighter because I feel like it's too abvious when your cheekbone is all shinny. So I tend to stay away from it. Now I might have used the wrong one =) all this shimmer is so pretty ! maybe I should give it a go !! Any idea for a cheaper version of your powdered ones ?? I feel like I'd prefer them to liquids

    xxx Vee

  11. i love your highlighter collection! i need to get me a good powder highlighter. :)


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