Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mini Haul: Dolly Wink

Hello~ Just a super small haul~
You might have noticed that I love the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner. I have had my first one for about 6-8 months, and it is just barely done. Because I didn't want to be without it, I ordered a new one ^_^
I also ordered the Dolly Wink pencil eyeliner since I didn't have a black eyeliner.

You can find the liquid liner from $15-$20. I thought it was pricey at first, but it has lasted me such a long time and I use it everyday. Plus other liquid liners aren't much cheaper!
I already know I love the liquid liner, but I will see how the pencil liner holds up~

And I wish you all a Happy Valentine's day ♥


  1. very nice, i want them

  2. I love the Dollywink liquid eyeliner too!

  3. The packaging is so cute =) I can't wait to go to Japan to buy A LOT of asian makeup !!

    xxx Vee

  4. wow.. nice share girl.. :)


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