Thursday, February 2, 2012

Review: Artistry Sheer Coverage Lip Glosses

Artistry is a brand I have spoke of before. It is an exclusive brand to the company Amway. My mother loves and swears by this makeup brand, so naturally I have been exposed to the brand.

In my opinion, Artistry is a brand that is targeted towards business women, mature women, women who don't like wearing much makeup, and women who prefer the "natural" look. I am not a part of any of these categories, so I have mixed feelings about many of the products I have tried from this brand. One of my favorite products from the brand, though, are their lip glosses. I did not purchase the two I own, but they were a gift from my mom. I own the colors Pink Shell and Raspberry Sparkle, the other three are my moms.

Pink Shell  /  Plum Glaze  /  Precious Pink  /  Raspberry Sparkle  /  Pink Ice

Pink Shell: This is a gorgeous pink-coral shade. It has tiiiny sparkles but is mostly a cream formula
Plum Glaze: a deep berry with pretty dark pink sparkles
Precious Pink: A sheer pink with iridescent pink sparkles!
Raspberry Sparkle: A hot raspberry pink with fuschia sparkles
Pink Ice: A very sheer pink with minimal opal sparkles

Product Review
For the most part these are a sheer lip color. Most of them offers subtle color that is great for occasions when you don't want an opaque lip color. My favorite thing about these is that they are not sticky and they are moisturizing on the lips. The lip gloss lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips which for me is fairly decent. My favorite color is Pink Shell because it is the most opaque and the only creamy textured one. It is a very brightening and flattering color. The one I dislike the most is Pink Ice because it is so sheer it is basically just a clear gloss on my lips.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Pink Shell Rating 10/10
Pink Ice Rating 4/10

Unfortunately, these are only available through Amway or an Amway IBO. But I just wanted to make a quick review in case you ever have the opportunity to try these out.


  1. Wow this is really glossy and shinny! I love it ^_^ Love the peachy and also the clear one with glitter!

  2. wow, beautiful shades especially the pink shell <3

  3. These are very pretty! Though Pink Ice does look a little too sheer. Pink shell would be my pick!

    1. Agreed on both. Pink Ice is too sheer for me and Pink Shell is perfect!

  4. Pink Shell and Precious Pink would definitely be my picks! :D They all look lovely though.

    1. Pink Shell seems to be a popular one among my readers. I have to agree with your picks ^_^

  5. these colors look very nice

  6. ohhhh so many pretty shades, such great selection of colours

  7. These are some of my favorite lip glosses, and they make great gifts for the holidays and birthdays. My Amway IBO also is great about giving these as FREE gifts when I refer new customers. So please let me know if you are interested. She is amazing!!!

    ~ Katy <3


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