Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tutorial: Hypnotizing Violets

Greetings from the Dark Side~

As per a request, here is a tutorial for my last FOTD, Hypnotizing Violets! Enjoy :D

Products Used

-Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper
-Unbound Eden Cosmetics 'Skooma' Eyeshadow
-Maybelline 'Smokey Night' Quad
-Stila 'Afterhours' Trio
-Milani Liquif'Eye Black Eyeliner
-Maybelline Color Tattoo 'Painted Purple'
-Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner 'Perversion'
-Prestige My Biggest Lashes mascara


 1. Start of with a primed lid. You can use any primer you want.
 2. To make the placement of the eyeshadows easier, I started with the inner corner. Apply a shimmering pink/lavender shade on the inner half of the lid. I used Unbound Eden Cosmetics 'Skooma' eyeshadow.
 3. With a pencil brush, start to draw in a shape on the outer corner with a dark purple. I used the darkest purple of the Maybelline 'Smokey Night' Quad. Drawing in the shape first will help you to achieve the right shape you want without messing up. I like a defined V shape, so I drew in the V shape in the outer corner.
Another color I often use for this look is MAC 'Beauty Marked' eyeshadow or Fyrinnae 'Mephisto' eyeshadow.
 4. With the same dark purple, start to fill in the areas you want. If you want a really smokey look, go crazy with the dark purple. If you want a more subtle look, go light with the dark purple, and instead fill in the rest with the shimmery pink we used for the inner part of the lid.
 5. This is the most important step of this look: use a really iridescent purple on the crease and blend it in with the light pink and the dark purple. I used the purple in the Stila 'Afterhours' trio, but you can use any other shade you want.
 I recommend MAC 'Parfait Amour' or Inglot #439.
 6. Let's focus on the lower lash line. Apply a black liner on the water line. I used Milani's Liquif'Eye pencil liner.
This is optional, but I like to use my Maybelline Color Tattoo in 'Painted Purple' as a base for my powder eyeshadow. This makes the lower lash line really POP!

7. Apply the same purple you used on the crease on your entire lower lash line. See how the Color Tattoo made the purple really glowy and beautiful?
You can finish the look with liquid liner and mascara.

And you're done ♥ I hope that was not too difficult to follow!
And you will notice a big difference in the pictures above with the picture below. I love to use the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer to conceal the darkness under my eyes and also to keep my lower lash line colors nice and clean-looking. Love this concealer! I used the shade 'Neutralizer'.

Thank you again for reading!
And a big welcome to all my new followers :D


  1. So pretty! I love the different shades of purples you used. :]

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. This look is simply gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the placement of the first purple color ;)

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for doing a tutorial for this lovely look.

  5. I was looking for tutorials using that maybelline quad and came across this, love it!

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