Monday, January 28, 2013

Organizing My Makeup Collection: Lip and Face Drawer

Greetings from the Dark Side~

It has always been my goal to have my makeup collection perfectly organized. It is very difficult to accomplish when you constantly acquire new products and when you have no space to store them. But ever since I organized my nail polish collection perfectly into one Helmer, I have been wanting really badly to organize my makeup collection into a few drawers. Organizing is also one of my goals for this week, so I took some time today to start to organize things a bit. I regret not having a "before" picture so you could see how much neater my Lip and Face drawer looks like (I will definitely let you see a before picture when I organize my eyeshadow drawer!). I still have so much more to organize so this is just a start. 

I know, I have a LOT of makeup, more than I really need. But makeup is one of my biggest passions. To me, makeup is not a tool to be pretty, it is a means to express who you are.Yes, sometimes I am freaked out by how much makeup I have, but then I get over it ^_^  

Anyways, what I am showing you is the top drawer of a 5-drawer furniture piece that I bought at IKEA.  It is really great for storing makeup, clothes, and other other personal belongings. I use one drawer for both all my lip and face products. Each photo shows half of the drawer. 

So above is most of my lip products. I store them in small plastic containers that I bought at Walmart. The larger container on the left has most of my drugstore lipsticks, my Revlon lip glosses and stains, and my two MAC Hello Kitty lip balms, Wet n Wild lipsticks, Maybelline Vivid lipsticks, and Maybelline Baby Lips. On the other containers I have OCC Lip Tars (Thanks Ashley for the purple Lip Tar!), Lime Crime Velvetines, L'oreal liquid stain products, Armani Lip Maestro, Shiro Cosmetics Lip Gloss, MAC lipsticks and lip glosses, Illamasqua lipsticks, Australis lipsticks, (in the very back) Lime Crime lipsticks, Armani Sheer Lipsticks, Tom Ford lipsticks, and so on.

The right half of my drawer has ALL of these cheek and face products. So many! I have a lot of MAC blushes as you can see! I also have Estee Lauder, Illasmasqua, ELF, Hard Candy, Bobbi Brown, Majo Majo, Jill Stuart, NYC, Pumpkin & Poppy, and others. Most of this drawer is blushes, but in the far right corner I have some foundations and concealers. 

There is many things that I still have to fix into this drawer, but for the time being I am satisfied. It could be a lot neater, but it is 100x's better than it was before. Seriously, no joke. Wait until I show you my eyeshadow drawer! I am not looking forward to organizing that mess!

Do you have any tips for organizing makeup?


  1. To organise my lip products I use this kind of thing: it's great and also helps me to limit myself when buying lip products because I already have two and don't want three. That being said, I did just buy five lipsticks in one day! Bad Me!!! :)

  2. Yay, you're done with face and lips! Can't wait for your post on your eyeshadow drawer.

    'Eyes' includes just way too many products - mascara, eyeshadows, eyeliners, ect. Plus all the other miscellaneous make-up products and tools.

    Not sure how you are going about organizing your eyeshadows, but aside from separating them by type (loose powder,cream,pressed powder, whipped, ect), separete by color rather than brand. It allows you to use different eyeshadows from various brand because the colors complement each other rather than reaching for 'favorite' shades too often.

    Good Luck with organizing your make-up collection - I know it can be over-whelming but worthwhile :)

  3. I love to see makeup storage and collections! You have a lot of face stuff, my largest collection is of lipsticks, but definetly it will continue growing, great post ;)


  4. I think you did a great job with organizing your lip and face drawers Nancy! I need to do some organizing myself, my drawers are always so cluttered lol. Looking forward to seeing your eyeshadow storage!

  5. what a collection!
    and it's very neat too!

  6. Organizing your makeup collection is the best feeling ever. I find myself putting off chores and homework (oops) to sit at my makeup desk and organize everything. Plus, I always find a product I totally forgot about.

  7. (Almost) literally screaming at the amount of goodies in your makeup drawer, lol. :D I super love the fancy and cute packaged ones like Jill Stuart. +__+ Can't wait to see the rest of your stash, Nancy! XD

  8. looks great! nicely organized :)

  9. Nice job! Can't wait to see your other parts of your collection!

  10. Wow you have a great collection! I have a decent set-up but I'm still hoping for a nice vanity one day! Haha :) ^_^

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