Monday, January 7, 2013

Project No Buy

Greetings from the Dark Side!

                                                               Project No-Buy Goals                                                              

As I mentioned in my 2013 Resolutions, I want to become stricter with myself when it comes to buying cosmetics. Many other bloggers have started a 100 day No-Buy, but I am a rather fickle person. I applaud to any of you who have the self-control to be able to do a complete no-buy! But for me, it is hopeless! I am very stubborn, even with myself. If I tell myself I can't buy any beauty-related products for 100 days, I will be even more tempted to buy things. I admit that I have a huge obsession with makeup and it is a weakness that I acknowledge. But instead of trying to suppress that weakness or to give it free reign over my life, I want to use it as a way to improve myself. Either ways, I am going to spend money on makeup, so why not use it as a tool to motivate myself?

That is why instead of a traditional no-buy, I decided to create a project for myself to 1) finish makeup I currently own, 2) not horde so much new makeup, 3) to keep up with my 2013 resolutions and 4) save money for something else other than makeup. I will be updating this project every Sunday and like those people doing the 100 No Buy, I will make a wish list for myself. If you are curious about my No-Buy project or if you also want to be part of it, keep reading!

As of January 7th, 2013 I will not be allowed to buy any beauty related products, unless...

1. the product is an absolute essential (shampoo/conditioner, cleanser, deodorant...etc.)
2. I run out of a product and I have nothing else to replace it (ex: I run out of my current eyeshadow primer and I have no other primers in my collection)
3. I receive a gift card and therefore am not spending any of my own money.
4. If I am in a place that I usually never go and has products that I am otherwise never able to get (ex: if i am traveling to another country or go to a store that is not available close to me).
5. They are giveaway prizes!
*Remember that I have tons of products that I purchased before January7th that I have yet to show on my blog! Keep that in mind with any upcoming posts! I will be honest with all of you on this project; I gain nothing from lying to you guys!


Although I am calling this a "No-Buy", I am making some exceptions for myself. These are rewards for myself for 1) following the no-buy, 2)following weekly goals, and 3) sticking to my 2013 resolutions. 

1. Weekly Goals! Every week (on my Sunday updates) I will set two goals for myself. Each of these goals should be met by the end of the week. If the goal is met, I will award myself $5 of allowance for makeup (therefore, I have a possibility of earning $10 per week). If I do not met either of them, then I get $0 of spending money. 

2.Grades! Yes, I am a student, and grades are a huge part of my life at the moment. Therefore setting up a system of rewards for my hard work in school is a great way for me to earn better grades and get some makeup spending money. I just started my new quarter so it is a perfect time to get this started. This only counts for major assignments, essays, midterms/tests. For each of these major assignments, I have a chance to win money for myself according to the grade I receive:
A+/A =$20
A- =$15
B+/B =$10
B- =$5
C+ = $1
C- or below = $0

3. Reading~ One of my resolutions was to read more and read all of the books that I own. So I am making this a way to reward myself!
Short novel or collection or stories (200 pages or less) = $5
Medium length novels (201-500 pages) = $7
Long novels (501+ pages) = $10

4. Language Learning 
Another of my resolutions is to keep up with my learning of Japanese. I need a huge amount of motivation for this goal because learning Kanji (Chinese characters) is so difficult! Therefore I want to make it my weekly goal to learn at least 3 new kanji per week and study 2 older kanji I already know.I can also instead decide to learn new words in English, Spanish, or Japanese. Language is very important so I think this is a really great and challenging project! If I can perfectly remember all 5 of that week's kanji or words, I will award myself $5. If I miss even one, I will not award myself any money.

6. Empties!
It is great to finish a product, especially products you don't particularly care for that are just taking up space. Therefore, for any empty product I have, I will award myself $1 of makeup allowance. Hehe ^_^

7. Self-Control 
This is not really a reward, but a punishment. If I don't follow my no-buy, then I will get negative $ for whatever amount I spent. For example, if I buy a $10 product when I have no reward allowance to spend, then I will subtract double the amount I spent on my total reward allowance, in this case being -$20. This means my allowance will be in a negative number and I will have to work even harder to have money to spend on makeup the following weeks.

                                                            How do the Rewards work?                                                       

During the week's update on Sunday, I will let you know whether I have kept up with my No-buy for that week, show you products I've used up, and update you and show you if I have earned any money through the rewards system. If, for example, I meet both of my weekly goals for that week ($10), perhaps read a 300 page novel ($7), and learned and studied 5 new Japanese words or Kanji characters($5), then that means I earned $22 worth of makeup allowance that week. Then that means that starting Monday after the update, I can buy makeup with my $22 allowance.Any makeup I buy using this allowance will be shown during that week's update. 

The reward money does carry over to the weeks following if I do not spend it. So If I had $22 and only spent $10 that week, then I will have $12 left over. Then I can add onto that any new allowance I get from the following weeks. I am going to call this my Make-Up Bank since it is essentially the money I have to buy makeup. None of my other money will go into makeup/beauty products. This helps to save for money for collections I am anticipating too! I will have to save a lot before hand

This is a bit confusing, but basically what I am trying to do is to control the amount of makeup I buy, not completely stop it. I am a beauty blogger after all! Not only can I more efficiently control the amount of makeup I buy, but I can also become a better, more knowledgeable person in the process.

If you have any questions or want any clarifications please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible ^_^ I will have no weekly goals for this week, but I will have an update this Sunday when I will start my weekly goals for next week. 

Wish me Luck!


  1. Joining you, also want to learn Japanese, that subbed thing is sometimes annoying If you don't want to read

    1. Ah subs! Yeah, its my goal to be able to watch Anime without subs!

    2. yeah that would be nice . I don't like dubbed it takes the energy out of the anime

  2. haiii i agree too...
    i must control my self too...
    i feel so excited when i read ur post...
    nice post and i hope i can do it...

  3. I want to join!!! But I'm changing some on the "Rewards" part... Probably most of my rewards should focus more on my blogging and other things I neglected last year. This will be fun... :D

    1. Oh definitely, change it to fit your own lifestyle! :)
      Good luck!

  4. This is a great idea, I like how you reward yourself. I would do this too but I'm not a very motivated person xP

  5. I'm looking forward to reading your updates and seeing how the no-buy project goes for you. I didn't exactly have a no-buy planned for myself, but I've been on a limited-buy for a little while now. Unfortunately, the hubby car decided to break down yesterday so now I'm being forced into a no-buy. Boo! I seriously doubt sparkling nails or painted eyes is going to convince the car to work. LOL!

  6. haha this is the most thought out no buy i have ever read!! best of luck!
    i think i said i was going to try to stick to a no-buy this year too but i've decided that what i meant was a low-buy :)
    i cant help myself!

  7. This kind of sounds like an amazing, if elaborate idea! I love the idea of rewards and punishments! And this can be applied to so many other things as well! Gooooood luck!

  8. This is awesome, and you have a great system to accomplish your goal!

  9. Better late than never yeah? I'm doing this now :) Thanks for inventing such a awesome "no buy" schedule.

  10. This sounds like a great project! I read only now, and wish you luck to reach your goals!

  11. This is such a well put together post! I usually read the weekly updates but never went back to look at this. Okay to link to it when I put up my own version of project no-buy? I seriously need to control + motivate myself and this is a fun way to do it


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