Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Wet n Wild Turn Up the Volume Mascara

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Are you ready for another review of an affordable mascara?
This time I have Wet n Wild's 'Turn Up the Volume' mascara, which was a part of the Fergie Centerstage collection. :)


The brush for this applicator is pretty different from most mascaras I have used. The brush itself is not too thin, but it definitely is not a thick brush. The bristles get a little shorter at the middle and tip of the brush. The most obvious difference is that this brush is bent. 
This angled brush is both good and bad. It is good because it acts almost like a lash curler. When you apply the mascara using the convex side, it helps to push the lashes upwards and inwards, therefore creating a similar effect to when you use a lash curler. This is good for people like me who hate using lash curlers. My lashes are already sort of curled on their own, but this provides a slight boost.
The angle can also be bad because it makes it difficult to reach all the lashes, especially on the lower lash line.The bent brush tends to be best to coat the middle part of the lashes. It does reach all the lashes, it is just more difficult and you have to maneuver the brush just right.

                                                                        Product in Action!                                                           

Bare lashes:

 Lashes with mascara:

                                                                   Review & Verdict                                                                 
The good: This is an inexpensive mascara at about $5. Although it is inexpensive, it actually does a great job at making my lashes look longer and a bit more dramatic. My favorite thing about this mascara is that it makes my lashes look like I used a lash curler on them when I didn't. I hate lash curlers for some reason, so it is great to get a mascara to curl my lashes a little!
The bad: Like with many other mascaras that are marketed as a "volume" mascara, I think this mascara lengthened more than it added volume to my lashes. I can't complain too much but, if you are looking specifically for a volumizing mascara, this might not be the best choice for you.

Final verdict: Although it is disappointing as a volumizing mascara, I am quite enjoying this as an everyday  mascara. I prefer this mascara for looks when I just use eyeliner because this mascara makes my lashes very neat and pretty. But, when I use this with darker/complex looks, my lashes tend to get lost and are not as defined as I wish they were.


  1. the results aren't that noticeable :/ I'll prob give that a miss :((

  2. For a cheap mascara, I could definitely see this being a good one to swipe on just for an everyday mascara


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