Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo 'Lavish Lavender'

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Sorry for being MIA for the past days. My internet has not worked at all! But I am finally back with the second review for the Maybelline Color Tattoos, and this time I am reviewing the shade 'Lavish Lavender'. Initially, I was not wowed by this color, but perhaps my mind has changed! Keep reading for more ;)

                                                                       Product Information                                                        

  Color Tattoo in 'Seashore Frosts'
  The eyeshadow comes in a sleek jar. 
 This is a dark grey-toned, jewel lavender. It is really different to what I would expect a lavender color to look like because it is darker and less pink-toned.
 This is a cream eyeshadow and so it has a creamy texture. This one feels more creamy to me than the original Color Tattoos. It is also more frosty.
 The pigmentation is great on this particular shade and one swatch it really pigmented.This does offer a bolder color than most of the other shades in this collection. If you are looking for something you can wear on its own without any other eyeshadows, this would be your best option.
 The application is easy, but you can definitely mess up. Make sure you apply this with thin even coats to avoid it looking clumpy.
Wear (comfort):
 For me, Color Tattoos sit very nicely on my eye lids. This is not greasy, in my opinion and it wore on my lids all day.
Wear (time):
  With a primer, this lasts all day on me.With and without a primer, this one wore very well.
Dupes? Similar products?:


At first I did not really like this shade because it looked very dark and grey for a lavender color. However, once I actually used it  on my eyes, I ended up really liking the color. I like this even more because it is quite pigmented. It is a bolder color than 'Seashore Frosts' so it looks better on its own. 
IDefinitely be careful that you blend it, or else it will clump up and crease. That happened to me when I first wore it and I learned my lesson.


                                                                        Product In Action                                                            

 These are not going to be the best pictures because I did not blend out the Color Tattoo and it clumped  up. However, you can see how the Color Tattoo is very shiny and reflective! It almost looks like dragon scales when it clumped up, haha.

With 'Lavish Lavender' and the blue eyeshadow from the Sephora+Pantone Universe Emerald palette.

 I was wearing this look in the Music Tag photo I took~


I definitely like the color much more than I expected because it applies like a silvery grey-lavender rather than the darker color I expected it to be. It is pigmented and pretty on the lid too. But, it is really annoying that it can clump up. It is long-lasting though, so if you apply it correctly (blend it and pat it in so it wont clump up) it makes for an amazing eyeshadow!

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. this one caught my eye from the start!

  2. Beautiful cromed colors <3 love your phone case :D

  3. It's pretty but Seashore Frosts is the one that I am really drawn to.

  4. love those swatches girl. perfection<3

    xoxo BB

  5. The colour is absolutely beautiful. I love these new shades. Xx

  6. beautiful!!! you're making it so tempting to run and grab this color and seashore frosts!

  7. It actually looks really pretty, it's hard to tell from the photos that it clumps. Is it more noticeable in person?


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