Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo 'Seashore Frosts'

Greetings from the Dark Side~!

The new Maybelline Summer 2013 collection brings many new shades into the Color Tattoo range. It seems that the color 'Seashore Frosts' has been all the rage so I decided to go ahead and review this Color Tattoo first!
                                                                       Product Information                                                        

  Color Tattoo in 'Seashore Frosts'
  The eyeshadow comes in a sleek jar. 
 This color is so hard to describe but it looks like the inside of a sea shell. It is a bluish, pink, brownish color. It is really unique!
 This is a cream eyeshadow and so it has a creamy texture. This one feels more creamy to me than the original Color Tattoos. It is also more frosty.
 The pigmentation is great on this particular shade, but it is a soft duo-chrome color. Don't expect a high impact color because it is really soft. You only need 1 application for good coverage though.
  The application is easy. The eyeshadow blends in easily without any problems.
Wear (comfort):
 For me, Color Tattoos sit very nicely on my eye lids. This is not greasy, in my opinion. Be careful though. I find that this shade is not as long wearing as the other Color Tattoos, and it did crease on me when I did not use a primer.
Wear (time):
  With a primer, this lasts all day on me. But without a primer, it creased after an hour. I can get away without using primers for the permanent Color Tattoos, but not for this one.
Dupes? Similar products?:


This is my favorite shade of the 2013 Summer collection because the color is just really different. The color almost seems more summery than the rest of the colors in the collection because it was a warm undertone to it, while the rest are very cool-toned. This shade looks beautiful on the eyes and I can wear it under a lot of different eyeshadows to create a beautiful look or on its own for a subtle and pretty eye look! The only thing that I don't like about this is that is actually does crease. This was surprising for me because Color Tattoos wear so well on my eye lids. If you have very oily eye lids, definitely don't skip the eye primer.


                                                                        Product In Action                                                            

Below, I used a small amount of 'Seashore Frosts' on my lid. The camera does not capture the color at all, so this is not a great photo! The result is a bit darker, very much like the inside of a sea shell.

I used it in the look below as a base for Mon Ennui Cosmetics 'Seafoam & Saltwater'. It gives the powder eyeshadow an iridescent look that is really pretty!


Overall, I think this is a really great addition to my Color Tattoo collection. The color is divine and the formula is decent enough. Out of all the shades in the collection, this reminds me most of the beach and of summer. Mostly because it does look like the inside of a sea shell!  I recommend this for those of you who want a unique color and who love Color Tattoos (like myself!)

Rating: 9/10


  1. This is the one color I really want, probably the one that will be sold out everywhere too LOL. I hope the show up at a drugstore around me at some point.

  2. Can't wait to find these and try them out myself :)

  3. good reveiw , but who won in giveaway?

  4. I'm absolutely in love with the shade! Unfortunately this summer collection is unavailable in my country :/

  5. I love this look! Very subtle and kinda reminds me of mermaids, hehe~ <3

  6. If you have the wet n wild 6 pan shadow in greed, you should totally try the top right hand color applied over seashore frosts. The color are very similiar, and just look awesome together

    1. I do have it~ I will try it out! Thanks!

  7. you know its interesting that the summer collection is so frosty, that's usually not what I think of when I think "summer" anyhow that definitely looks beautiful under seafoam & saltwater. Do you like all of the summer colors or do the seashore ones seem better?

    1. I do like some of the other shades, but this one was a stand out shade IMO. I will review the other too though :)

  8. You may really like the shade "Moonglow" by Femme Fatale Cosmetics. I swatched it on my blog here: (sharing link for general interest, not self promotion) -- the Color Tattoo looks like the exact cream version of that eyeshadow so if you love the color, I am thinking you would love the eyeshadow!


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