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Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo 'Waves of White'

Greetings from the Dark Side!

Now that the new Summer 2013 Color Tattoos are arriving at most drusgtores, it seems the perfect time to finish up reviewing the remaining shades. This next shade is called 'Waves of White', a pretty sheer white with a multi-colored shift. If you are interested in this shade, then keep reading~

                                                                       Product Information                                                        

  Color Tattoo in 'Waves of White'
  The eyeshadow comes in a sleek jar. 
 This is a sheer, iridescent frosty white with a multi-colored shift (blue, purple, and green).
The consistency of this shade is most like 'Seashore Frosts'. Both have a sheer base color, but are full of iridescent colors. It is not as creamy and opaque as 'Lavish Lavender' but it still has a very smooth texture.
This is a sheer color so it does not show up very well. But it is not meant to be pigmented but rather a sheer iridescent color. For what it is, the pigmentation is decent.
As much as I love the color, the application can be difficult. This color can be quite patchy and difficult so it takes more effort to make the color look even.
Wear (comfort):
 For me, Color Tattoos sit very nicely on my eye lids. This is not greasy and it wore on my lids all day.
Wear (time):
 With a primer, this lasts all day on me.With and without a primer, this one wore very well (except for the part where it was a bit pachy). 
Dupes? Similar products?:
I thought this would be similar to my Tarina Tarantino cream eyeshadow in 'Starchild Odyssey', which is a sheer white with an iridescent blue undertone. But this one is much more complex because it also has purple and green tones that are very hard to capture in photos.

I really, really love the color of 'Waves of White'. I was not expecting the green and purple color shift of this eyeshadow, and it was such a nice surprise. The color looks so magical on the eyes, and it looks like the color of opal and of a winter wonderland!
However, the formula kind of sucks. It does not crease, but it applies patchy on my lids. It made me quite sad because the color is insanely beautiful. If you wear this under another eyeshadow, the patchiness won't be a problem, but if you wear it on its own it will definitely look very patchy.


                                                                        Product In Action                                                            

The first two pictures show 'Waves of White' on its own. It looks much prettier in person, but you can still see that it is a bit patchy. 

I used it under my MAC 'Daydreaming' eyeshadow and it made it look so complex and iridescent. This will be a great base for plain eyesahdows and it will give eyeshadows a completely different look. 


This is a perfect base eyeshadow, but it is not so great on its own. The color is simply divine, and yet the formula leaves much to be desired. If you do not like cream eyeshadow bases and prefer to use them alone, then I probably would not recommend this. If you just love the color then just try it out, it might not be patchy on your lids.

Rating: 8/10


  1. I think it looks beautiful... Almost looks like fairy dust. =)

  2. It does look really pretty but if it is really patchy I might just save my money for something else, thank you sooo much for this review:)

  3. It shines really nice :D

  4. I really want to take this shade and put the iridescent shade from the UD Oz Glinda palette on top! Hopefully my local drugstores will finally get them in! I keep checking like a crazy

  5. Wow the color shift is so gorgeous! That sucks that it applies patchy though :(

    xo, aly

  6. So pretty <3 Too bad it's patchy :(

  7. Just a heads up, it looks like the product name section of your table is a victim of copy and paste. ;)

    Glad you're continuing to review the color tattoos! I've got a bunch of them, but have found the formulas to be such a mixed bag that I'm wary of purchasing any more. :-/ Always good to see swatches and so on.

    1. Ahhh I usually copy and paste the table and I guess I forgot to change it! Thanks, I will change it right now xD


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