Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dark Sider Tips: Easy Way To Achieve a Colorful Eyeliner

If you saw my Darth Vader inspired eye look, you might already guess what this tip is all about. But in case you missed it, I want to re-iterate it here. This eye makeup look required to do a bright red eyeliner with the rest of the lid having intense black eyeshadow. It is really difficult to get a bright color on top of a dark color like black, so what can you do to make sure your eyeliner comes out looking super bright? Sometimes we do not have a bright red liquid liner or gel eyeliner, so how can we achieve the same type of look without those products? This might seem like common sense, but you can use a white eyeliner as a base! Using a base does not just have to apply to all-over eyeshadow color, it can also be applied with eyeliner on both the top or bottom lash lines.

Step 1: Apply a white pencil or liquid liner. I had used a liquid liner, but a pencil liner will actually work better.

Step 2: With a small brush, gently press on the desired eyeshadow over the white. The results will be better if you press it on rather than swipe it.

If you do have a bright colored gel or liquid liner, you can still use this tip. In my Jasmine look, I used mainly a red gel liner on my lower lash line. But, it was actually not bright enough. So I patted on my bright red eyeshadow over the gel liner to make sure it was very intense. Doing this will also set any creamy products and make sure that it is long-lasting. If, for example, you are trying to get a very bright blue eyeliner, you can use both a liquid/gel liner and powder eyeshadow to make even more bright.

You might be sitting in front of your computer and thinking 'Duh, everyone knows this!' But, you would be surprised that a lot of people do not know this, and that it is quick trick that you can forget about very easily! I admit I often forget about this simple trick.


  1. This is really cool, awesome job!

  2. Until I saw your Darth look it never occurred to me to use white liner as a base, I've no idea why I only just twigged but it's genius!

  3. These are some really good tips,especially the first one for brights over black. :D

  4. Love it!!! I super like the colors that you have used. You def know how to mix and match colors that def looks so pretty. Thanks for sharing this tutorial too.

  5. What great advice! I had wondered how you do it on top of a darker color... I'll have to try it now!


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