Monday, March 10, 2014

Swatches: Wet n Wild Spring 2014 Palettes

Greetings from the Dark Side!

Today, I was very lucky to find a display of the new Spring 2014 Wet n Wild palettes! I have an obsession with getting all the limited edition Wet n Wild palettes (gotta catch 'em all!) so I had to pick these up as well. I wanted to get some quick swatches for you guys in case you were interested in getting these too. Right off the bat I can say that I really like 'Walking the Red Carpet', but I am not very impressed with 'Flirting at the After Party'. Hopefully I can have a few looks for you guys with these palettes soon!


  1. They are soooo beautiful. It's a shame that doesn't arrive to Spain.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful swatches.

  2. Nice! I want to try wet and wild it hard to find in Canada lol it use to sell at this drug store called shoppers drug mart which is like cvs or walgreens but they don't sell the brand anymore. Great post I really like the the second palette and the shimmery shadows in the first palette :)

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  3. Lindas, lindas, lindas! En especial la primera, me encantó, ya las quiero ^_^

  4. Wow, the pigmentation is amazing! I need to try these!

  5. these are beautiful! I picked up Petal Pusher, myself

  6. Man, I need to find these soon!! I've been searching, but haven't had any luck so far! They are just too pretty to pass up; so my hunt continues!!

  7. OMG!!! These palettes are both so pretty. I super love the color combos on every palette. I will be surely saving a lot for me to have these.


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